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Jul 26, 2006 05:18 PM

Gusto still good? Restaurant week lunch spots?

I've read very mixed things about Gusto recently. I know it got rave reviews when it first opened, but then I read that it started going downhill. Has anyone been recently? I haven't made it there myself yet and was wondering if it was worth it for lunch for Restaurant Week.

I'm looking to go there for lunch on a Friday. My mom, aunt and I were supposed to have lunch for Restaurant Week at Lupa on 7/14, but, due to a family emergency, had to cancel. I'd like to try to do it at one of the places that is offering the special through Labor Day. Anyone have any good recs? The only requirement is that it is below 14th street.


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  1. i really love gusto and go there for brunch quite a bit. alot of their pastas are very fresh and delicious. not everything is homemade, but the menu indicates. the culuzones: sardininan ravioli with sheep's milk ricotta in tomato mint is heaven. the cavatelli: saffron gnocchi was good, but not as special. the grilled whole lobster is great. one of my favorite things they have on the menu are the sugar donuts. try the fried squash blossoms as well!