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Jul 26, 2006 05:16 PM

Chicken Soup - Takeout

Any suggestions for great takeout chicken soup in Manhattan? I'm sick at home in Brooklyn, and may be able to convince a friend to bring me some. Thanks!

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  1. My sister has always said that the "Souper Soup" at Sarge's Deli on Third Ave. & E. 37 St. is the best cure. It has kreplach, matzoh ball and noodles. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. It's a bit of a trek from Brooklyn - especially if you are sick - but maybe you can ask a friend to bring you chicken soup from Murray's Sturgeon Shop, 2429 Broadway (On the West side of Broadway, 89th-90th). Slighly sweet broth (from lots of carrots), tender noodles, not fatty, this soup is stupendous. I believe a quart is $6-7.

      1. when I'm sick I get the Thai chicken soup at Sammy's Asian Gourmet, 6th Ave off Carmine. it's simple, fresh, a big container and spicy enough to clear your sinuses. have not tried other stuff at Sammy's, I just go there for this medicinal soup which always improves a cold !

        1. I kinda like the chicken soup you can buy from Fairway. I first had it at the Cafe on the 2nd floor and loved it and the server said they sold it downstairs as well. Been buying it ever since... I need to try Murray's soup now after reading Maxwell's post. Feel better.

          1. I prefer Townhouse's chicken soup to Sarges and actually think Hale & Hearty's chicken vegetable is very good.