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Jul 26, 2006 04:59 PM

New Senor Fish location in Duarte


The new Senor Fish location in Duarte is now open. Still one of my favorite places for fish tacos! Went there for dinner last night, it has the same menu as the other locations. It is located next to the Walmart on Mountain, close to the 210 fwy. Just wanted to pass this along...

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  1. I thought I heard that the original (Eagle Rock) was closed. True? What about other locations? Which are open or closed these days? I always love their food.

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    1. re: Ciao Bob

      FWIW, the "original" was in Highland Park. Eagle Rock didn't come until a number of years later. The "original" origianl was still the best.

    2. Last I heard they're all open. There have been varying reports of quality -- I ate at the South Pasadena location lately and found the attitude, cleanliness and fresh air lacking, yet the food good as ever.

      1. Thanks for the heads up! Any recommendations in addition to the fish tacos?

        1. Sure! I'm still working my way through the menu myself (!), but they have really good ceviche, carne asada tacos, the shrimp tostada is more like a shrimp salad on the tostada shell and is very good, and the scallop burrito. Their rice and beans are also really good, I typically do not like restaurant rice, but theirs is very tasty. We've also had the sampler plate, which comes with 3 fish tacos (your choice of fish, they can all be different), rice, beans, chips and ceviche. Want to try their soups, grilled fish plates and breakfasts (the Duarte location is not seving breakfast yet...).

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          1. re: Michelle

            Thanks! Dropped by tonight and we got a fish burrito, 2 fish tacos, and a scallop taco. I found the fish to be very qood quality - fresh and flaky, but found it lacking in taste. We ordered takeout, so they didn't put any sauce on it. I put on the white sauce and some salsa on it at home. Even with that, I wanted more flavor in the fish.

            The scallop taco was delicious and I definitely preferred it to the fish taco.