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Jul 26, 2006 04:57 PM

Chicken sashimi

One of my favorite restaurants is Yakitori Totto on West 55th St, Manhattan. Until a few months ago, they had chicken sashimi on the menu, served several ways, and I loved it. They stopped serving it, they said, because it wasn't popular enough. Does anyone know where else I can find good chicken sashimi in NYC (or elsewhere)?

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  1. No kidding!?! they took that off the menu? Such a shame.. that place is great...

    1. This is just a gut feeling, but I don't think raw chicken is such a good idea..

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      1. re: wrathofcannes

        neither is skydiving.. but its' fun. :)

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          i am telling you, I ate chicken sashimi at Totto at LEAST 20 (maybe 30) times, never any ill effect. Well-sourced and prepared chicken, I trust it. Perdue factory farms, no way.

        2. Maybe the heatlth department cracked down? Big e coli risk with raw poultry.

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          1. re: erikka

            it's a salmonella risk, not e coli. but most likely because it wasn't popular. there are certain breeds of chicken used for raw chicken dishes, like the blue footed chicken, because they don't carry salmonella. They tend to be expensive, high quality chickens.

          2. What was the texture like? When I think of it, I would imagine it would be limp and soggy.

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            1. re: macca

              Wrathofcannes, did you mean to be funny when you said "gut feeling"? Because it is funny.

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                A waiter claimed that it was discontinued because of lack of popularity, and she was also sad to see it go...but I wouldn't put it past the health department to interfere where they aren't wanted.

                The texture is soft, tender, melt-in-your-mouth but not really reminiscent of any fish, maybe more like a raw scallop or very tender clam...the flavor is very mild, no chicken taste, more like maybe fluke (of course no fishiness), it picked up the fresh wasabi really well. They also had it "sumo style", you put a little soy sauce into a bowl of strongly garlicked raw egg for dipping...yummmm...and they also served it rolled up in a shiso leaf with plum sauce....

                1. re: kenito799

                  Thanks. Never heard of it- but you sure make it sound good! Our teen would be totally spooked by this. She ALWAYS checks to make sure her chicken is cooked ALL THE WAY through! I don't get insulted anymore- I have never served her a piece of chicken too undercooked for her tastes, and she has chicken at least five nights a week ( talk about picky!), but still she checks. This would send her right over the edge!!

              2. Damn. Raw poultry AND raw egg? You people rock!

                Here in DC, I'm lucky to find joint that'll cook my burger medium rare.