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Jul 26, 2006 04:54 PM

Interesting Quckie Lunch on East 34th?

Taking a run up on East 34th to run some office related errands - anything in the general vacinity worth having a quick lunch in? Nothing too fancy - some place I can be in and out of in an hour or less? Not Sophies on Madison, nor AQ Cafe, looking for someplace new or that I haven't been in a long time - further east, past Park.


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  1. How about a nice deli sandwich at Sarge's?
    Or a burger at Waterfront Alehouse. Or at Rare.
    I think some people have recommended Golden Krust if Carribbean is your interest.
    There's a Grand Sichuan over at Lex and 34th.
    And finally, isn't there a Philly cheesesteak place on E.34 somewhere? Can't remember if reports were positive...

    Edit: Found the name: Carl's Steaks on 3rd, btn 34 & 35. Mixed CH reviews.

      1. re: Peter Cherches

        Hey Peter, How does Ali Baba compare with the nearby Turkish Kitchen?

        1. re: Pupster

          Very different. Turkish Kitchen is much more upscale. The food at Ali Baba is excellent, but I find the appetizers & pides the most interesting. The Iskender kebab is great, but even I who don't usually worry about "eating healthy" shudder when I think about its life-shortening possibilities.