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Jul 26, 2006 04:45 PM

ISO mango ice cream/mousse cake for birthday

Not a super-exotic flavor (but def. not as commonly seen as vanilla & chocolate). I'm really looking for a place that has great ice cream and great cake. Of course, if there's a cake that has really great mango flavor -- willing to forgo on the ice cream part.

I'm calling up Mashti Malone's ( ) later today to inquire about cake order. I may also look into Fosselman's as well ( ) -- since I do live in Alhambra.

Also wondering how's the mango mousse cake @ Porto's? (may consider it since it'll be a lot less hassle i.e. no melting) but then again, there's no ice cream.

Thanks for advice on this!

EDIT: Thanks for advice everyone, looks like I'm going ahead with SCOOPS since the party's pretty hell bent on the ice cream portion ~ and with the recent heat wave, I don't blame 'em. But will keep all your suggestions for future use (next year maybe?) ;)

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  1. Check out the Filipino bakeries. Red Ribbon comes to mind. I know there's one in Carson (around Carson & Main). Our office parties almost always include one of their delicious chiffon-like cakes filled with with mango or some other fruit and/or custard. They have branches around LA. I've had their mango ice cream atop halo halo (a shaved ice, syrup, and sweet bean drink) before, but it's very custardy (and wonderful). I don't think it would stand up to being used in an ice cream cake, but it's worth asking them. Good luck!

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      I just saw that there's a Hollywood branch too (off the 101 on Sunset), comparatively closer to me... will check out, thanks!

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        I'm not sure if the Hollywood location is still around. If not, there is one on Vermont (between 3rd and 1st) and also on Colorado Blvd in Glendale.

        I agree that they have the best mango cake.

        1. re: dette

          As I write this, I have in front of me a slice of that heavenly mango cake, brought in for an office birthday. It is a light, not too sweet sponge cake, three thin layers, with what tastes like real whipped cream with bits of mango whipped in. Just a perfect blend of flavors, plenty of mango taste, and not a lot of icing and goo. Yummmmmm.

    2. RED RIBBON is still very much the reigning champ of Filipino mango cakes but, its eternal rival chain, GOLDILOCKS, is making headway. Their new and improved version doesn't have RR's status as yet but, I find it equally as rich in pure mango flavor. Ice cream cakes are a rarity in The Philippines due to the intense heat and the delicate nature of the cuisine's cakes.

      Still, a slice of mango cake coupled with a scoop of real mango ice cream is paradise. Try Selecta, Magnolia and/or Arce Dairy brands @ Filipino grocery chains such as Seafood City and Island Pacific. And get this: FOSSELMAN'S makes Filipino flavors as well.


      1. Red Ribbon's great for actual mango cakes (the baked kind) but they don't make ice cream cakes. Whenever the Filipino side of my family has parties, there's always a candle-topped Red Ribbon cake waiting for the celebrant.

        SCOOPS in East Hollywood behind LA City College makes ice cream cakes and the owner, Tai, can make mango mousse ice cream, he has before. It's at 712 N. Heliotrope Drive (corner Melrose) in E-Ho; (323) 906-2649. Give him a call and tell him you found out about SCOOPS from Chowhound...he'll flip out! SCOOPS has gotten a lot of great reviews from Chowhounders lately.

        "You gotta have it made!
        You know that I love cake!
        Finally it's time to bake a cake!" :)

        1. JJ Bakery (Taiwanese) makes a pretty good mango mousse.

          JJ Bakery
          (626) 574-5866
          1130 S Baldwin Ave

          1. Porto's Mango cake is always good....