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Jul 26, 2006 04:36 PM

Glasgow - locations for Deep Fried Mars Bars

I know it's a bit old now, but I'd like to try one just once. I'm visiting Glasgow tomorrow (for the Billy Joel concert) so if anyone knows any places where I might sample one of these I'd appreciate any replies. I'll be visiting Glasgow city centre and the SECC - thanks

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  1. I think these are mainly found in chippies if at all. Someone once wrote that this is really more a myth than anything else. Enjoy Billy!!

    1. Thanks Bill, We were directed , by a another chipo shop to a place called Pizza Crolla who said they would make them if we supplied our own bars - which we did. Washed them down with Irn Bru - not a diet you'd want every day but interesting to try once!!!!

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        Oh they are real

        One interesting anecdote - I was recently back home in Glasgow during the World Cup soccer championship. Sadly Scotland did not qualify - causing a bit of resentment at all things English (they DID qualify). Anyway, Mars Bars were re-named 'Believe Bars' by the confectioner to show their faith in the English team. There was an immediate drop in sales of deep fried 'Believe' bars. Then some bright spark had the idea of battering and deep frying the legendary 'Tunnock's Caramel Wafers' - much beloved of exiled Scots and (oddly enough) Trinidadian people wherever you find them. I always prefered the Tunnocks anyway - but I must confess to never having sampled either treat deep fried and battered.
        Last note - Scots will deep fry anything - there was a great Bill 'Gregory's Girl' Forsyth movie about warring ice-cream Italian families in Glasgow - the movie was called Comfort and Joy - I won't spoil the ending for you - but suffice it to say, this post is still very much on topic.

      2. Thanks - yes I saw that film many years ago - music by Mark Knopfler as i recall.
        I also bought some McSweens Haggis home with me, I'll be sampling it later!!!