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Jul 26, 2006 04:22 PM

Cubana Cafe- Smith Street

Though I know that this place isn't really a new addition to Smith Street, it is a new addition to my short list of places to head when I'm in the mood for some good cocktails and decent Cuban food. I had an excellent watermelon martini-type drink last night. They use fresh watermelon which happend to be really juicy, sweet and totally refreshing. The corn w/ chipotle mayo was indulgent but so worth it. The cuban sandwich, in my opinion, is solid as well. The pork was not dry and the sandwich was toasted perfectly. I like the vibe of the place. The only downside is the table set-up. It kind of tight, but once you're seated I don't think it's much of a problem.
Good local joint. Glad I went.

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  1. Ate there for the first time on Monday. It was an early dinner (5-ish) but most of the tables were already taken. The chicken soup was delicious, full of avocado and cilantro, but still mild in that comfort food sort of way. The braised beef I had for an entree was also great, sprinkled with chopped olives which contrasted nicely with the sweet, tender meat. Sides were so-so... I didn't think the rice and beans were very good. Also, the service was very, very slow.

    The caipirinha I had before dinner was really great though, and the prices are some of the best on the strip.

    I'd go back.

    1. I used to eat there a fair amount, because of the relatively low prices, but always found the food there to be exceedingly bland. The last time I was there, for brunch, I ordered the "fresh-squeezed" orange juice, which cost about $4, only to see the waitress pour it out of a jug of concentrate. When I pointed out that this did not constitute "fresh-squeezed," she agreed, but did not offer to reduce the price or otherwise make-up for this misrepresentation.