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Fette Sau to open in Williamsburg Fall 06

Fette Sau, a spin off of the wildy popular Spuyten Duyvil on Metropolitan Ave. (@ Havermeyer St.) will open this Fall. The food is to be real old school BBQ. The owners of Spuyten have made a great success with serving an outrageous rotating selection of beers and REAL Lambic's on tap, along with assorted high quality meats, cheeses and breads to complement the beverage program. Over ten million bottle selections, ha ha. Really, there are a large number of selections in bottle to suit any price and palate. The staff is very knowlegable and approachable. Wines are also available, but are not very good. The back garden is a great respite. Will update as more info comes in on the opening!

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  1. In Williamsburg? Feh, that's where Spuyten is--what's the point? C'MON and branch out a little--Southern Brooklyn needs you!

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      Or, better yet, how about in Spuyten Duyvil? The Bronx could really use it.

    2. if SD were in my neighborhood i would be in there every day and they would soon have all my money. I am glad I must trek to Wburg...

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          Alas, no. To a passer-by it doesn't even look close. Since it doesn't look like they're planning much indoor seating maybe they're going to hold off until spring?

          1. re: benghoil

            is it going to be right next door to SD? Cause if so, there hasn't been any working going on there in awhile.

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              It's across Metropolitan Ave from SD, in a tiny (maybe 10ft wide) spot a little west of Havemeyer. Lately some paint has gone up, and some wood as part of what looks like a big outdoor eating area. But it's certainly not buzzing. Slow-cooking, more like.

        2. I have it on good authority they're in spitting distance of opening--maybe next month.

          They also seem to be preparing to open a specialty beer store in the space the Bedford Cheese Shop left in the Mini-mall. Yum.

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            Nice....thanks for the info! Topps beer selection is pretty good, but getting in and out of there quick is next to impossible.

          2. New restaurant and a specialty beer store!? Sweet. I love SD. I was in there the other night knocking back some beers.

            What does "old school BBQ" mean? I remember talking to someone at SD about the new restaurant, but after a bottle of Nora, I typically forget what I was talking about.

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              When I said 'old school BBQ' what I meant was that the proprietor of the joint is actually using a 'slow and low' cooking method over a wood and/or real hardwood charcoal fire. That is to say, SMOKE is being used, managed, and applied to given cuts of meat for cooking.

            2. Any word about this place? It's been 'opening soon' for a while. I know it isn't easy opening a new place (let alone a bbq joint) in NYC, so I'm not surprised it's taken a little while. Any news?

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                Fette Sau will be opening up Wednesday 3/28/07. I'll be there tomorrow at the friends and family party. Cant wait!

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                    Had dinner at Fette Sau on Thursday night with a friend. While I thought that the pulled pork was only okay (it was not the worst I'd ever had, but it certainly wasn't the best, either), I fell instantly in love with the baby back ribs and the sausages. There are many other cuts to choose from, and sides. There was no mac n cheese, but there are terrific baked beans. I will try other sides on subsequent visits. Very, very, very few vegetarian options, if any: there were large, juicy chunks of pork in the beans. Nice selection of craft brews, and sauces to add on to the meats. Definitely worth a visit.

                    We headed up the street for dessert at Cheeks, which makes a very nice cupcake, if you're in the area.

                    1. re: new2bklyn

                      I'm a huge huge fan of SD, like the owners a lot, and think FS will ultimately be a big success. I would definitely recommend that everyone check it out (and go back, which I will be doing soon).

                      However on its 2nd night (Thurs) I have to say the food was a mixed bag.

                      The good:

                      Place looks fantastic. Meat on brisket and pork belly was delicious, especially the brisket wrapped in the thick white bread. Ribs solid (although not up to Memphis or KC standards). Beans pretty good.

                      The not so good:

                      The pork butt (pulled pork) was extremely dry and downright bad.

                      Despite their tastiness, brisket and pork belly were so fatty that it was hard to eat. (And I like myself some fat.) Might be that w/ belly there's not much to do about the fat. (Although I feel like I've had belly dishes at restaurants that weren't as fat-laden as this.) I know from eating in TX and elsewhere that you can get brisket that's leaner and can still come out tender and great. As a point of comparison the FS brisket made Katz's fat pastrami feel like a diet plate.

                      (Didn't try the lamb, flank, or sausages.)

                      Potato salad had good flavor but spuds were way undercooked.

                      I used the vinegar sauce for everything; didn't find the others to be so palatable.


                      I love Brooklyn as much as the next guy but I wish they'd go a bit wider w/ the beer selection. At least pull in some of the bottles from SD across the street, or put Victory Pils on tap. Bourbon list is great though.

                      1. re: Jack Barber

                        Agreed Jack, the most of the pork dishes are fatty. I can't believe how much they are charging for meat with that much Fat! About half my order was fat. I also have to say service too was gruff. the guy behind the counter rolled their eyes when my friend asking what "pig tails" where, that was not cool.

                        1. re: JacksonR

                          " Fat! About half my order was fat. "

                          The place is called " Fette Sau " !!!!!

                          1. re: Peter B Wolf

                            What about my beef that was so fatty? Shouldn't the placed be called
                            "Fette Fleisch" !!!

                        2. re: Jack Barber

                          Think the beer selection is quite nice. Why not support Brooklyn, since its a local brewery. I wouldn't consider Victory Pils as widening the selection. The beer list is meant to serve a purpose...to go with the BBQ. You will not find the same beers at Fette Sau, that you can easily get by just walking across the street to SD.

                          And yes, I felt the pulled pork was a bit dry. But otherwise the other meats were good to great. Im sure these issues will be ironed out in time.

                        3. re: new2bklyn

                          The private party was great, but they ran out of food. To be expected since it was crowded and free. I went back Wednesday to get me some grub, and it didnt disappoint. The bbq was tasty with the brisket and ribs being a favorite.

                          early is the way to go with Fette Sau. They will run out of food. BBQ is a time-consuming endeavour, so expect food to dwindle on busy nights at a much quicker pace.

                          I like their angle with this place. Its different. It will fustrate a lot of people. But not every place is made to be loved by all.

                          1. re: drod

                            Has anyone been since it turned winter outside? Are there warm places to sit? How are the prices?

                      2. went there last night (tuesday), around 7:30 and it wasn't crowded at all. we had to wait about 15 minutes to get our food, but the anticipation was sweet. we got a half pound of pork belly, one sausage, a half pound of pork shoulder, small beans and a bunch of pickles (gus!) for two people. everything was good, but the real stand out was the pork belly, which was melt-in-your-mouth fatty. i was hesitant when i looked at how much fat there was, but when i took a bite i was completely won over. we were full after this, but went back anyway for another pork belly helping. the beans were delicious, especially with the rolls they serve. next time i hope to go with more people so i can try more things, especially the ribs, which can only be ordered at a half rack minimum (and so i can get a gallon of beer). Service behind the counter was friendly and nice. Total bill came out to $24. not bad at all.