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Jul 26, 2006 04:16 PM

Dinner near 68th & Broadway tonight?

A friend and I are having an early dinner before a movie at 68th & Bway, what's good around there, maybe within 5 or 6 blocks walking distance? We are flexible on the type of food, just no sushi.

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  1. Telepan (American)
    Nick and Toni's (Italian)
    Santa Fe (Latin)

    Or you can go to La Traviata which is a a great hole in the wall pizza place.

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    1. re: chioubacca

      Telepan is located in the former Santa Fe space....

      1. re: Ben

        santa fe lives - it moved to 71st - betw columbus and cpw - still mediocre even in new digs

    2. arte has a garden in the back if italian suits you..

      all-state on 72nd betw bwy/west end if you want a nice burger and a beer - cash only.

      1. Would anyone recommend Pasha?

        1. I'd recommend Pasha! It's one of the best Turkish restaurants in the city. The kebabs are tender - nicely marinated.

          1. Just to update, went to Pasha after all, food was just OK. Grape leaves were good, even the hummus was just OK. Pretty reasonably priced though, and nice atmosphere.