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Jul 26, 2006 04:06 PM

frmr philly hound needs recs

pls take pity on a former philly hound now living in ny! i need to find a nice restaurant for my fil's b-day in the new hope/doylestown/quakertown area. italian would be preferable, otherwise solid american fare is good; nice but casual dress and outstanding food.

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  1. Slate Bleu in Doylestown is very nice (but French, not Italian). There are some Italian restaurants there, too -- I have no personal experience with them but look on Some of the listings have LaBan's reviews.

    1. Ristorante IL Melograno- best Italian that I have had in D-town

      Domani star

      have not tried the Pane something or other- used to be Blue star.

      1. There are some good recommendations on these links.

        I think New Hope is a cuter place to go to. Doylestown has too many teenagers hanging around the streets. It gets annoying when you're trying to have a romantic date.

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          For Italian, I would recommend Baci in Buckingham (junction of 202 and 413). High end in Lambertville I would recommend Anton at the Swann. Another new restaurant in Doylestown that I would recommend is Honey's. Its new american, combination of small plates, and entrees.

        2. Agree with Slate Bleu, Domani Star (BYO), Honey, Melograno. If you're up for a country drive, try La Campagna in Richland Township not far from Lake Nockamixon, easily reached from either 563 by going up Old Bethlehem Road or from 333 by going out Thatcher Road. Also BYO. Home made pasta & gnocchi.