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Jul 26, 2006 03:42 PM

King Falafel, Santa Maria

Is this place still around? I fondly remember wolfing down the best tasting burgers there in-between two-a-day football practices (go Knights!). Funny thing is, the place was started by a doctor. Mine, actually. RIP, Dr. Bertero.

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  1. Ate there about a year ago, though nothing special about the burger I had, sorry to report.

    1. Well, I haven't had a burger there in 15 years, so it's entirely possible they've gone downhill. But I certainly hope not. Back in the day, those burgers were stupendous.

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      1. re: Bostonbob3

        I had a burger like you describe at Al the Wop's in Locke, just west of 5, south of Sacto. WOW! Crusty, flavorful, caramelized, juicy, just plain delicious. So rare these days. If you find yourself in that area, try it; in Locke, right on the river. (Twin Cities Rd exit off 5; go to Locke, one street down off the levee.)

      2. It is still there; I had a hambuger and fries there a few weeks ago. I would take In-N-Out any day over it.

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        1. re: chickendud

          Forget In-N-out -- the patties have shrunk and the burgers are loaded with too much sauce. Try Orcutt Burger - a lot of burger and fries & very good.

          1. re: mewho

            King Falafel is still there, and don't forget the Guadalupe location- south of the Far Western! We enjoy the food, especially after a Oso Flaco afternoon.