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Jul 26, 2006 03:36 PM

Best Crustless Quiche?

Hi everyone, My husband and I are planning brunch for my uncle, who is diabetic. We were thinking of making a crustless quiche, but were not sure if there is any special technique to making it work. Any ideas? We were thinking of a crustless Quiche Lorraine, if possible.

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. How familiar are you with his diet? In most cases, fat is more of an issue than modest amounts of non-sugar carbs or for that matter sugar. Controlling diabetes is much more an issue of regulating one's diet than cutting out entire categories of foods.

    If the enormous amount of saturated fat in a Quiche Lorraine isn't a problem, I'd be very surprised if an ounce of white flour would be a problem, either. (And while YMMV, I think "low fat" quiche is abomination. If I couldn't eat the real thing, I'd very much sooner not eat it at all.)

    As for a crustless quiche, I've never tried to make one, but I'd think you'd need to cook it in a water bath or at least start it in a cooler oven - or the edges will burn before the center sets. You'll also probably need to cook it firmer than usual - or in individual ramekins - or you won't be able to get it out of the pan in one piece.

    1. think torta or tortilla.

      1. In the past I've sprayed the pan with Pam, laid down thinly sliced swiss, and proceeded as usual, with excellent results. The swiss gets just a bit crusty on the bottom of the pan, and is wonderful.

        1. I would use any of your favorite quiche recipe. Add an extra egg so that it will set firmer. Butter the pan well so it wouldn't stick. Bake it at about 350 degree but check before the required time so it doesn't over-bake. Serve it warm or room temperature rather than hot so it can set up.

          1. I have made a crustless version of the Spinach Ricotta pie on Epicurious and it's great. Well received by the Adkins (no sugar) types. Served it with oven roasted cherry tomatoes/basil and mixed greens.

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              I agree with missem...that Spinach Ricotta pie is great with or without the crust (my tweaks are adding chopped roasted red pepper and toasted pine nuts)...I daresay it is healthier than the quiche lorraine.