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Favourite Lunch Place in or near Yorkville?

What is your favourite? NOT pub food.....


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  1. Try Veda - a really great Indian joint on Yonge, across from the Masonic Temple. www.mishsplayground.com

    1. MBCo, 100 Bloor W 'round back on the north side of the bldg. Absolutely great sandwiches that are of the 'not your grandma's' variety. Licensed for beer & wine of which they have a nice selection by the glass. The restaurant faces the Yorkville parkette there and they have tables adjacent to it. Makes for nice people watching. I guess my only complaint would be the styrofoam plates!!!

      1. Indochine Thai Vietnamese Restaurant (not to be confused with Indochine Pan Asian Cuisine at Dundas and University, they're unrelated ) is a great place for lunch. It's at 4 Collier St., just north of Toronto Reference Library, at Yonge and Bloor.

        Prices are very reasonable. I think the menu on the website is the dinner menu, but I am not certain since they seemed to have changed it since I was last there in December.


        1. I like the Sushi Inn! Tasty and relatively cheap...you can get their lunch specials for less than $10.

          1. i don't get to that area often at lunch time, but during the film fest i love going to esther's soup kitchen on the ground level of cumberland terrace. they have great soups and stews.

            another place to check out is camros organic foods. it's a cafeteria-style place with some seating featuring persian fare that's all organic and vegetarian. you get 4 choices for 7 bucks. a nice touch is that they use biodegradable takeaway containers. it's on hayden which is a small street south of bloor running east from yonge so it's nearby, but not yorkville. definitely worth the extra few minute trek for a great change of pace from what's typical in the area.

            and don't forget the prepared foods they have at whole foods market and pusateri's.

            1. The Bloor St. Diner in the Manulife Centre on Bloor (just south of "official" Yorkville) is generally pretty good, and they have a good fixed price menu.

              1. Hi all - thanks for the responses.

                What about leisurely non-workday lunches where price isn't really a concern? (i.e. if someone else was paying?)


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                  If someone else is paying...Holt's Cafe, Pangaea (though recently dissed by some on this board for Summerlicious, I've had many great upscale lunches there), Boba (but just around the Christmas holidays, I think, otherwise closed for lunch) and Studio Cafe. The new Jamie Kennedy resto has recently opened at the Gardiner which will hopefully be an awesome spot -amazed that nobody has posted about it yet - anyone been?

                2. If you have all the money in the world for lunch, then Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons. Beautiful, light, airy room; professional servers; great food.

                  I too have had good times at Pangaea. Summer-disses aside I've never had a problem with the service. On one occasion they had delisted one of my fave wines as a by-the-glass. After expressing my dismay they happily opened it up and poured.

                  1. We went to the studio cafe......... Lobster Risotto...... Need I say more ;)

                    1. Money not an object - get your friend's credit card over to Opus on Prince Arthur. And order wine.


                      ps. Did someone seriously post the Bloor Street Diner? Sigh.

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                        I agree. Bloor Street Diner is not a great place. Please do advise. www.mishsplayground.com

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                          Is Opus open for lunch? I never knew that!

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                            Dang - PP is right. Opus is only for dinner. Or a very late lunch!

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                              Double Dang - I was looking forward to planning my next business lunch at Opus...:(

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                                Sorry PP - I remember what a real chowhound you are. Didn't mean to raise expectations only to dash them!