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Jul 26, 2006 03:30 PM

Favourite Lunch Place in or near Yorkville?

What is your favourite? NOT pub food.....


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  1. Try Veda - a really great Indian joint on Yonge, across from the Masonic Temple.

    1. MBCo, 100 Bloor W 'round back on the north side of the bldg. Absolutely great sandwiches that are of the 'not your grandma's' variety. Licensed for beer & wine of which they have a nice selection by the glass. The restaurant faces the Yorkville parkette there and they have tables adjacent to it. Makes for nice people watching. I guess my only complaint would be the styrofoam plates!!!

      1. Indochine Thai Vietnamese Restaurant (not to be confused with Indochine Pan Asian Cuisine at Dundas and University, they're unrelated ) is a great place for lunch. It's at 4 Collier St., just north of Toronto Reference Library, at Yonge and Bloor.

        Prices are very reasonable. I think the menu on the website is the dinner menu, but I am not certain since they seemed to have changed it since I was last there in December.

        1. I like the Sushi Inn! Tasty and relatively can get their lunch specials for less than $10.

          1. i don't get to that area often at lunch time, but during the film fest i love going to esther's soup kitchen on the ground level of cumberland terrace. they have great soups and stews.

            another place to check out is camros organic foods. it's a cafeteria-style place with some seating featuring persian fare that's all organic and vegetarian. you get 4 choices for 7 bucks. a nice touch is that they use biodegradable takeaway containers. it's on hayden which is a small street south of bloor running east from yonge so it's nearby, but not yorkville. definitely worth the extra few minute trek for a great change of pace from what's typical in the area.

            and don't forget the prepared foods they have at whole foods market and pusateri's.