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Jul 26, 2006 03:29 PM

Paris - online restaurant reservation site?

I know I saw an online restaurant reservation site, similar to, for Paris restaurants, but cannot remember the name now. Can anyone help me out, please?

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  1. I used this one for a place last March. It worked very well!
    This page has the list of restaurants available.

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      this one doesn't make reservations but has a good list of restaurants in Paris , some w/ user reviews:

    2. Thanks a lot. Just what I was looking for.

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        Glad to be of help. I was so glad to find I'd saved the website!

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          I have not used this site to make reservations, but I like the photos and menu posting very much. It seems easy to use.

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            I used it for Rotisserie D'en Face and everything worked out perfectly. I'd certainly use it again..very handy.

      2. I just tried this website, and it is CLOSED until August 31! How can a website close for the summer??? Brilliant!

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          Oh, no... that sounds so.... French! It really makes no sense.

        2. There's this one too, paired with a real guide, very comprehensive:

          1. Paris restaurants operate in the Internet stone age, so you'll have to make most reservations by phone. None of the sites will let you see if a restaurant actually has availability, as you are used to with Open Table.

            I found TopTable was the most functional, but only used it twice while I was in Paris. Unlike most other sites in France that just forward your email to the restaurant, TopTable actually has people making the reservation calls and their response time is quite food.



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              I know this questions was asked 5 years ago, but just in case someone is still searching for a website for online reservations in France, here is one I used.


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                We used la Fourchette three times in the past 2 weeks -- booked and dined. The web site has somewhat limited offerings but covers about 5000 places in France, I think. It worked well each time, and like Opentable, you get a follow up email asking for your quick review. --Jake

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                  I looked over all of the ones recommended here and did not find any of the Vietnamese nor Thai restaurants that I am interested in listed.

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                  This is great, thank you. True it doesn't have everything of course, but we will be driving around a couple of weeks + a week in Paris so I'm sure we will use it.