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Jul 26, 2006 03:28 PM

Eating in Plymouth - need advice

Has anyone been to the new Persey's (or is it Percey's?) Heading home for a visit this weekend and I'm completely out of touch with what's new and worthwhile.

I did have some pretty solid Brazilian from the buffet place in N. Plymouth (across from Wayne's Seafood) a few weeks back. Salghadinhos (sp?) from the Brazilian shop on Main Street (next to the chinese place) were not at all worth the calories. I threw them out after a couple bites. One was taro with beef, the other ham and cheese. Way too much dough and the filling was kind of half-assed IMHO.

So what's worth eatin'?

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  1. For seafood, Waynes itself, is quite good. But the best in my opinion, is stil Woods in Plymouth Harbor. Their clams, scallop and fish dishes are as good as it gets, anywhere. Since they are a bit hidden, at the end of the Capt.Johns boats, behind the weathervane restaurant, it seems that they cater to more of the locals as regulars. The tourists tend to miss this old Plymouth standby.

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    1. re: Louis

      Have you been into Wayne's since it changed ownership?

      Wood's was my stand-by for YEARS and seems to have fallen off the past couple of seasons. Have you been there recently?

      1. re: MB fka MB

        Sorry to say I have NOT been to either Waynes or Woods, in quite some time. I find it surprising that Woods has begun to slip, since they were so aware of how badly the Lobster Hut began slipping, a few years back. I remember the owners saying that would never happen to them, because their customers were mostly locals, rather than tourists.

        1. re: Louis

          Well, I got lobsters at Wayne's and service was horrible, as in I don't ever need to go back, which is too bad. I had passed by Wood's first, but they were slammed--will try on my next visit.

    2. We had a great lunch at Woods. Seafood Platter for 1 was great for two eaters. The clam chowder was too thick. Bathrooms filthy but good golden brown fried seafood. 24.95 for a soda, beer, platter and chowder.