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Litchfield County dining

I'm looking for a nice place to take a couple out for their anniversary. Trying to decide between Petit Syrah and Olivas. One person is a vegetarian, so that's a consideration. Any recos. would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. For my money, Petite Syrah is more the place for a special occassion. Oliva's is very good, but not as attractive/comfortable as Petite Syrah. Food is excellent at each.

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      Thanks, that was the impression I had gotten. In general, any other must-tries in the area? We are spending a couple of weeks at the end of the summer.

    2. Tom Moran's who owns Petit Syrah recently opened Forsythia in New Milford. I have also heard that 59 Bank in New Milford is good, as well as GW Tavern in Washington Depot. Great views!

      1. For an excellent Italian meal in an elegant setting, but not at all stuffy, I would recommend La Cupola on Rt 202 in Bantam. Homemade pastas, and everything else on the menu is consistently excellent, and Franco, the owner is a great guy.

        For a great pizza in a VERY casual atmosphere, try Bohemian Pizza also on Rt 202 in Litchfield. This is the best pizza in the area, IMHO.

        Also, highly recommended would be West Street Grill in the center of Litchfield, top notch.

        1. We love the West Street Grille in Litchfield.
          This is a small storefront place on the Main Street with 1st class food and service in a small,intimate dining room.
          It's a 3-star Mobil Guide pick and it should be a 4-star restaurant imo.
          Like the poster before me said,"top notch".
          That said it all!

          1. The Mayflower Inn in Washington has fine atmosphere and good food.

            1. Thanks magnumwino and catnip. We eat at Bohemian all the time. My kids actually love the spinach artichoke dip there! And we took some friends to West St Grille last summer. Enjoyed the food, service was a bit spotty. But then again, I'm a NYer so....:)
              I'll put La Cupola on the list.

              So you think I should stick with Petite Syrah for the anniversary?

              1. I think Petite Syrah is B+--good, not great, more style than substance, trying to do too much and not quite understanding what it's trying to do.

                Olivas is also good, but also misses the mark.

                We just celebrated our anniversary at the Hopkins Inn, and it was wonderful--you have to know what to order, the more traditional, the better--wienerschnitzel is excellent--and the toblerone sundae is very nice--herring or shrimp cocktail or melon and prosciutto or escargot are all fine in the appetizer department. Sitting on the porch overlooking the lake is lovely. The service is very good. An old-fashioned dining experience of the best sort.

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                  In the words of Gilda Radner, "never mind." Just re-read your query--and you have a vegetarian in your midst. Although there are some good vegie appetizers, Hopkins Inn would not be considered a vegie paradise (even the wonderful rosti potatoes have bacon).

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                    Ha! I was just reading your post thinking, that's not going to work at all! Sounds lovely though, I'll have to go another time! Thanks for the reco.

                    I think I'll just stick with Petite Syrah, while keeping my expectations low!