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Jul 26, 2006 03:26 PM

Lunch at RUB

I've got a pretty strong craving for bbq, and I'm thinking of indulging in lunch at RUB this afternoon.

Does anyone know if there is a lunch menu, and if so do you have any recommendations.



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  1. I believe they have only one menu, but have some specials for lunch. It's really all good there, but I like the rib tips, beans and onion strings the best. It's hard to go wrong w/ the burnt ends, though...

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    1. re: BackyardChef

      Pulled pork sandwich and pork spare rib-St. Louis style were excellent the last time I went for lunch. I was not impressed with the sides but many other hounds have good things to say about the sides.

    2. only side worth mentioning are the onion strings, which are excellent.

      1. I go to RUB for lunch every couple of weeks. They open at 12 Noon-the thing to get is the beef brisket platter w/2 sides-I usually get the baked beans (pretty good) & onion strings (huge basket). The other sides are pretty good too-2 types of coleslaw (mayo & vinegar), ff, & some type of greens.
        Not a big lover of their ribs. They do have a great smoked turkey breast for people who don't eat pork/beef-my wife falls into that category. It is not very crowded at lunch at least not btw 12-1pm...

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        1. re: Fallon

          This chowhound went armed with the above info. Tried the St. Louis ribs. Got the long end. Billed out as the fatiest end of the rack. Not only were they dry, but they were devoid of the much needed smoke ring to make these anything but over roasted ribs with rub on them. Tough. Chewy. Sad. The brisket on the same occasion was sadly lean. Most of the time in the world of BBQ, lean means dry. In this case, dry ruled the day. The brisket was not chewy like the ribs, but it too only had what looked like the very beginnings of a smoke ring, and only at ONE end!! This means the process was rushed to market, or there was some carelessness involoved somewhere along the line. Major dissapointment. I will give it another shot for the burnt ends that everyone seems to rave about.

          1. re: noodles

            I will say on a rare occasion my brisket is dry too. But I've tried everything on the menu since they opened & imo the item to get is the brisket. Sorry you had a bad experience.

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              I've had dry, tough ribs at RUB on occasion, but tonight's long-ends were excellent: thick, meaty, moist, smoky, and pink nearly to the bone.

          2. Strange report about RUB.... Everything there is smoked with straight-up wood, far more scrupulously than at any NY bbq. It's too bad that they were dry, and there's no excusing that, but the pink ring is not, as is often thought, an ipso facto proof of smoking or not smoking. It's just a function of nitration, which is a different thing altogether. Have a plate of unsauced burnt ends the next time you are sounds like you know something about bbq, so you should really give it a shot.


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            1. re: Balok

              Huh. Interesting. As I understand, it (the smoke ring) is the reaction of nitrates (carried via smoke from wood ash, which is heavy with nitrates, and of course salt from a rub if that is used) to the myoglobins present in a respective cut of meat. It is the reaction with the 02 carrying agents that result in the ring prized by so many. However, this is impossible to achieve, again as I understand it, to the extent of having a full-on ring without the use of long and low wood smoking. Pleae weigh in, I am always trying learn more about the process.
              And I will try the burnt ends. Cheers!

            2. A lot of guys get the pink ring just with the nitrates, by injection. Likewise, you will eat a lot of good barbecue that is not pink, for whatever reason. Go by the taste, not the color.

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              1. re: Balok

                Some people use curing salt rub to simulate a smoke ring, too. Ring or not isn't always a way to detect great 'que.