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Jul 26, 2006 03:15 PM


We like to go to food festivals (we are in the NE) and I have yet to find a good website listing non-professional food festivals.

Do you know of any?

I knew of a book back in the 80's, but surely that information is out of date.


Strudel & Biscotti Boy

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  1. What a great excuse to travel! I, too, would love to see a definitive list of US or North American food festivals. I checked Wikipedia for "food festivals", but it's woefully inadequate. You could go to the Dept of Tourism web site for each state of interest, but my quick check on the MN and WI sites showed that it's hard to dig out the food festivals.

    I think there's an opportunity for an enterprising person with lots of time on their hands...

    Anyway, here are a few web sites I found: - list of commercial conferences and some small-town festivals across the US (incomplete, but a pretty good start):

    Food Frolic - undated list of some US festivals:

    Mother Earth News - 1986 article about a few food festivals (way old, but fun to read):

    WebMD - 2005 festivals for heart-healthy foods (!
    ) - a nice list of southern festivals:

    Calendar of Mexican Food Festivals: