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Jul 26, 2006 02:49 PM

Kid-Friendly in Bar Harbor?

Lots of recommendations on the board for Bar Harbor, but not sure if any of the more "upscale" places would be good for a 5-year old? She's very well behaved but not too adventurous when it comes to dinner. We're open to most types of food, probably leaning towards casual and reasonably priced, with maybe one "special" night out. Any ideas appreciated!


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  1. Geddy's is definitely kid-friendly and they have just about everything (including Spam) on their menu! Right on Main St.

    The Pier Restaurant is ON the water- casual atmosphere, outdoor dining, mostly seafood but I'm sure they have fish & chips and kid fare. Adjacent to Harborside Hotel & Marina on West Street.

    The West Street Cafe is a very simple cafe/family-type restaurant (a step or two up from a diner) with a something for everyone.

    Route 66 is chock full of nostalgia on the ceilings and walls with little jukeboxes on (most) tables. On Cottage Street, set back from the street- huge yellow taxi sticking out of the wall over the door!

    Those are a few that come to mind. As for your "special" night out, may I suggest Galyn's? Not cheap, but it can make for a very nice meal experience. They do have a children's menu.