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Jul 26, 2006 02:26 PM

Recs needed: Best Patio (Downtownish)?

Looking for a nice place for b--day dinner with a great patio. Going with a peanut/soy allergic friend, so any Asian is out. Safer bets are Mediterranean and European. Price point ~$100 - $120 for dinner for both (only one drinks).

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  1. What about Boulevard Cafe on Harbord? Great Peruvian food, nice patio, fits your price range.

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    1. re: peppermint pate

      I second Boulevard Cafe. It's a casual place with good food. Patio is lovely. Desserts are made in-house - my faves are the key lime pie and the alfajore (shortbread with dulce de leche and coconut).

      1. re: peppermint pate

        Agreed that the patio is nice at Boulevard cafe but I cannot report that the food is. The food was alright but when you factor in the price it is certianly not worth it!!

        We frequent El Bodegon on College....delicious Peruvian with great prices and definatley more authentically Peruvian. They also have a cute paio. Try the marinated beef hearts!


      2. The Keg on York street has a great patio - an inner courtyard really. Their food is predictable, and I'm sure they are allergy friendly.

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          Actually, The Keg is very allegy friendly. I know someone who is peanut/nut/seafood allergic, and The Keg is one of the very few places she feels safe to eat at.

        2. This question came up earlier this summer, too. Might be worth checking out this previous chowhound discussion on patios in Toronto:

          1. My favorite patio is Lago at Harbourfront. You're right on the water (gorgeous view, much better than a sidewalk patio), you can people watch, the food's decent, not innovative, but definitely enjoyable.

            Although I was there yesterday, and I think they had moved their lounge/benches 180 degrees, so the space between the seats to the table is really tight...

            1. how about Brassaii? nice patio, and I just had a great meal there.