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Jul 26, 2006 01:58 PM

Okay, so I've read the Omnivore's Dilemma

and I'm wondering. What's our best local option for the kind of beef and chicken Pollan encourages us to eat? Pasture-raised, I mean, and local. Marin Sun Farms, yes--I love the stuff--but that's only useful if I can brave the Ferry Plaza madness on Saturdays. Are there any reliable weekday possibilities? As far as I can tell, Niman is corn-finished in a feed lot, ditto for Prather Ranch. And then there's this "Estancia Beef" being hawked at my neighborhood Good Life Market. Sounds great and all, strictly pasture fed, but the brochure describes it as being from small family farms all over Uruguay and other South American countries. This is feeling a little vague and fossil-fuel dependent to truly answer the Pollan call to action: to know where your meat comes from, and to buy local if you can.


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  1. Poach one of the buffalo in Golden Gate Park.

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      OK, I just laughed coffee through my nose...ouch!

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        End of debate, as far as I am concerned.

        Thanks for that. But you were out of the gate so fast with your reply, it was almost like you'd been waiting for thatpost with guns drawn.

        1. It's a sad commentary that we have to work so hard just to find food that hasn't been mucked with! I'm not sure what the weekday options are, but I think that Prather Ranch does actually fit the bill for weekend purchases (I'm not sure where you saw the corn feedlot info). Here's what I saw on their web site:

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            I think you're right plus Prather is certified humane. The guys that work there are very knowledgeable and friendly. And you can go to the ferry building any day of the week, although Saturdays are fine until about 11am.

          2. Seek out a Weston Price chapter leader nearest to your location. They should be able to point you in the direction of grass-fed meat.

            1. Where does the grass fed beef at Whole Foods come from?

              1. Western Grasslands Beef was how I ultimately solved that dilemma, from all of my research it seems to be entirely grass fed and is based on a cooperative of small farms. Luckily its available at both Berkeley Bowl and at Trader Joes on Masonic. Trader Joes also has some free farmed grass fed lamb, which is coming in from New Zeland, not local, but seemingly humane and very reasonable. I still haven't figured out the poultry "dilemma" as its often difficult for me to get to the Ferry Building for Hoffmann's game birds.

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                  Hoffman birds are also sold at Magnani's and Cafe Rouge.

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                    Yeah, but coming from a billion miles away.

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                      Manteca is about 68 miles from Berkeley.