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Moki's Service

Daniel Duane Jul 26, 2006 01:45 PM

I love the food at this place, and eat there often because I live nearby, but can anybody tell me what the deal is with the service there? That sign in the window--both at the old location and the new--mentions "saucy service," and it makes me wonder if the management has perhaps enshrined the idea of surliness as a virtue.

Am I alone in this perception?

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  1. Atomica RE: Daniel Duane Jul 26, 2006 02:22 PM

    Tell me where on Cortland you can get regular, decent service (other than Valentina, where they are very nice and professional). Chez Maman? Non. Liberty Cafe? If you are a regular, it's snarky and goofy service. If you're not a regular at Liberty, the service is inept.

    I don't go to Moki because their sushi is terrible. I don't mind some of their cooked items, but I can't get my partner to go.

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