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Jul 26, 2006 01:07 PM

Cutting Boards

Can anyone advise brand names or types of cutting boards that will fit in the dishwasher and are kind to both ceramic and stainless knives? I have read a few articles that refer to John Boos, any thoughts?

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  1. As far as I'm aware, Boos only makes hardwood cutting boards, and I doubt that a wood board is going to survive many trips through the dishwasher. I've used maple boards for years - in the case of one board nearly 40 years - and have never felt any need to clean them in the DW, but if you want to you'll pretty much be limited to one of the synthetic materials - either polyethylene, plastic, or tempered glass. Of those options the polyethylene, sometimes listed as HDPE, is going to be kindest to your knives.

    1. I agree with everything FlyFish wrote above. In response to someone's question about knives, I wrote a bit about cutting boards in this thread:

      1. I love my Boos block - I have no other. It's wood, and I simply keep it wiped down daily with soap & water (rinsed well), then periodically wiped with vinegar and left overnight before rinsing and drying. I will then rub with mineral oil. I wouldn't let my Hattori slice polyethelene.

        Partial view of my Boos block - unfortunately, it's covered with food!

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          1. I love the poly cutting boards from Ikea. Cost about $2 each, fit into a standard size drawer, easy on your knives, and dishwasher safe. I own about 6. They come in different colors so you can remember which one you use for raw poultry, meat, veggies, etc. They are a little on the small size (about 9x13), so I have a couple other larger ones I use for big jobs and one with a gutter for carving meat, but whenever I cook I usually have 3 or 4 of the Ikea boards going at one time