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Need Sunday Brunch Idea for this Sunday

Okay folks, I need your help!

We have friends coming in to visit us this weekend. (We are in Queen Village area). The wife is a gourmet cook. We already have visit planned for Saturday to Reading Term Mkt and She likes Chef's Market on South St. Sunday we need to go to DiBrunos new place as she's read about it.

So we need a Sunday brunch place that is interesting and moderately priced. We've done Fork and also Sabrinas and they liked both.

Since we will be at DiBrunos on Sunday we could consider a place there. Or maybe drive up to Northern Libs. But it will be 92 degrees (maybe) so it must be a place which will be comfortable.

We don't drink at Brunch and it will be more Breakfasty eating than lunch.

Any great ideas for me!


Steve R

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  1. Maybe Honey's in Northern Liberties.

    1. I believe that the new DiBrunos serves brunch upstairs, but I have not been.

      If you want something near/in your neighborhood, why not Beau Monde at 6th and Bainbridge?

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        I may the only one but I've been dissapointed in BM ever since they opened. I guess I'm a grepes on the street kind of guy. (Even in Europe).

        But thanks for the idea.

        Steve R

      2. its a bit of a stretch to say it 'serves' brunch, i went about 2 weeks ago and its more cafeteria style, sort of like a cosi with much better sandwiches. it was nice having one of their grilled sandwiches fresh off the panini-press but not really a restaurant experience.

        what about cafe lutecia at 23rd and Lombard? Or Ants Pants on South?

        1. I know that Ava is near Queen Village and they started brunch on Sundays about 2 months ago. I went twice so far and was happy both times. Nothing too fancy, but just good basic brunch items. Their croque madame is outstanding...

          1. Standard Tap has a very good brunch so long as it's a small group. chalk board menu with only a few items though.

            I've also heard very good things about brunch at North 3rd but never eaten there myself.

            1. Honey's at Northern Liberties is excellent. It is cozy and the food is great. They have brunch food but they also serve items such as Chicken Fried Steak (yum!). The only issue is looking for parking and waiting for a table. But I have to say it's worth the wait.

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                Encouraged by all this I went to Honey's for lunch yesterday. It was great. Reminded me an awful lot of Sabrina's even the two sided laminated menu.

                I had the HALF Reuben and it was great! Since a whole one has a POUND (yes!) of meat, I was certainly full and I'm a big eater.

                Based on the heat we'll play it by ear. I'll report back. Thanks folks.

                Steve R

              2. Also near your 'hood is the Royal Tavern (Passyunk, between 6th and 7th). They serve an excellent brunch. Good specials. We often take out-of-towners there because it's a place they would have never found on their own.

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                  Still need to try that but I hear it's REALLY smokey and I don't take my non-smoking friends (I'm a NS also) to places without a non-smoking section. But I'll try one day.

                  1. re: SteveR

                    Brunch is least smoked-filled time to dine there... but you may want to check it out on your own before bringing guests if you're concerned.

                2. a little out of your hood, but if you can manage to make the trek up to manayunk, i really recommend fish tank on main (its a BYOB). it's never crowded, with a cute sidewalk area and quiet indoor seating as well. emphasis is on the food here, everything is meticulously prepared with fresh ingredients. i often bike through manayunk on sundays, and i love stopping here for a quiet sunday brunch, which only i know is world's better than the crap they serve up the block at le bus. sorry, i've had the fritatta at both places, and le bus isn't even in the same league. but somehow it's more expensive and always crowded. i don't get it!

                  anyway, i can't recommend it enough. if you know good food, then you'll love it.