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Jul 26, 2006 11:52 AM

Broadway/Eastern Avenue area

I am familar with La Cazuela and Arcos, but was wondering if anyone had other good/great recommendations in that area. I am looking for smaller ethnic places, nothing south of the market please.

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  1. El Taquito on Eastern Ave is mentioned on this board as very good Mexican; I've not been there in a while so can't vouch.

    I've twice been to Carolina's on Broadway (where Cafe Madrid used to be); while it didn't knock my socks off like La Cazuela, I definitely enjoyed both trips.

    1. Definitely El Taquito and Tortilleria. Both are on Eastern just east of Broadway.

      El Taquito is a great small Mexican place. Tortilleria started out just making tortillas but now have tacos as well. A great place to pick up a stack of tortillas for home.

      1. I haven't been to La Guadalupana since they remodeled, but their 'cafe' is/was very laid back and the food is/was amazing. Not much in the way of ambiance, but worth a trip. Doing a search on the board will turn up some more info on the place.

        1. Tortilleria is a good bet for ethnic. The 2 taco trucks are North of Eastern on Broadway. Just a few blocks.