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Jul 26, 2006 07:55 AM

Where are the great steakhouses in LA?

Hi everyone! I'm in the middle of organizing dinner outings to 5 different steakhouses over the course of 5 months for my dining group. It's like a prolonged "tasting" to experience some of the best steakhouses of LA. Since I don't tend to go to a lot of steakhouses, I'm struggling with deciding which ones to choose. So far, the only one I've decided upon for sure is Taylor's Steakhouse and that's where we're going in August, but I need to pick four more. Some of the suggestions I got from my members include:

Ruth Chris
Dan Tana
Boa Steakhouse
Nick and Stef's
Arnie Morton's

Does any of the ones listed stand out for any of you or perhaps, you have other suggestions? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

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  1. Jar and Cut should be included as great but non-traditional steak houses. From this list, for the other two I would choose Ruth's Chris and Mastro--both part of chains. Boa has great locations but the steaks are not as memorable. Dan Tana is more about the atmosphere/history than the food. Nick & Stef's used to be very good but seems to have lost a bit of focus of late. Arnie Morton's is good but not quite as good as Ruth's Chris. Other options you might want to consider, though, include the new Italian steak place, West in the Hotel Angeleno (off the 405 at Sunset), Fleming's (a spin off of Ruth's Chris, which I like better) and Beverly Hill's Grill on the Alley.

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    1. re: New Trial

      There is an Italian steak place in Eagle Rock, Colombos or something like that. How is that?

      1. re: reality check

        Colombos is a place I really like, but not for the steak. Average at best. The cocktails though, wow.

      2. re: New Trial

        Flemming's is owned by Ruth Chris? Hot damn. I like the steaks at Ruth Chris, but I just can't stand Flemming's! Who knew..

        1. re: mstinawu

          Actually, I had heard that Flemmings is related to PF Chang. Apparently the "F" in "PF" is Flemming.

          1. re: Marvin

            You are correct that the guy who came up with the PF Chang's concept was Paul Flemming in 1993 in Scotsdale. Stating the obvious, the "PF" in PF Chang's is for Paul Fleming.

          2. re: mstinawu

            Unlikely. Ruth Chris lists Flemings as a competitor in its annual report. And PF Changs does not list it as one of its owned companies, though it does own Pei Wei.

            Flemings is actually a partnership with the owners of Outback (OSI Restaurant Partners), and 90% of Flemings is owened by OSI. The same company also partners with Roy's. Neither is connected to PF Changs or Ruth Chris.

            1. re: MEalcentric

              Thank god. Now I can confidently say, "No wonder they both suck." =) Outback has gone downhill since the first time I've eaten there. =P

              1. re: MEalcentric

                PF Changs is now a publicly trading company but PF Changs was co-founded in 1993 by Paul Fleming and Philip Chang in Scotsdale. Paul Fleming also started Flemings Steakhouse as well as several other restaurant chains.

                Check out the fourth paragraph at the following link:

                1. re: Norm Man

                  Huh...whadda know. Still dont understand how they are involved with Outback then, maybe Paul sold out? This may get booted but take a look at this


                  Edit: It appears Paul no longer has a reportable interest in Flemings.

                2. re: MEalcentric

                  To clarify the connection with Ruth's Chris, Paul Fleming used to be the franchisee who owned and operated their restaurants here in So. California and in the Phoenix area for many years, and then sold them back to the parent company.
                  Thereafter, he started the PF Chang gig with Paul Chang, then sent it public, and then started up the Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar with Outback funding 5 years after he left Ruth's Chris, per his non-compete agreement with RC, which is a common occurrence in buyout agreements.

                3. re: mstinawu

                  Not owned by Ruth's Chris but rather by the guy who used to own/run the B.H. location, Paul Flemming (and, yes, he was the "F" in PF Chang when that chain started).

              2. wow great to see all this condensed in one thread, by hounds who know their steak! is musso & frank's worthy of consideration as well?

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                1. re: rameniac

                  The steak at Musso & Frank is not a "great" steak by any stretch of the imagination. It's good enough, though, as long as you're there more for being at M&F than for having a steak. In other words, there are lots of places that I'd probably consider ahead of M&F if my focus is on a great steak, rather than a great experience.

                2. Hi Abby,

                  TAYLOR'S is a great pick for your first.

                  May I suggest,

                  PACIFIC DINING CAR - Downtown
                  IMHO, the best steaks in the city.

                  CARLITOS GARDEL - Melrose, just West of Fairfax
                  The Argentinians' appetite for, if not, knowledge of beef rivals our own. This is where Argentine expats go to get their fix.

                  Somewhat off the beaten path? Yes. Best steaks in the city? No.
                  Nevertheless, the steak is very good here and in terms of fun group activity, it's worth the field trip moreso than any of the others listed.

                  If it were my group, my eliminations would begin with the chains (RUTH'S CHRIS, MASTRO'S and ARNIE MORTON'S.) That said, PALM is a good standby and, I think, the best of the chain lot.

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                  1. re: Kris P Pata

                    CLEARMAN'S STEAK 'n STEIN - PICO RIVERA

                    Is the Clearman's in San Gabriel still there?

                    1. re: reality check

                      None in San Gabriel, but there are Clearman's North Woods Inns in Rosemead and Covina

                      From the list above I would favor

                      Boa(especially the New York Kobe steak)
                      Ruth's Chris
                      Nick & Stef's

                      1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

                        Not in Rosemead, but ON Rosemead (and a lot closer to San Gabriel). So, YES, Clearman's North Woods Inn is still located at the corner of Rosemead Blvd. and Huntington Drive, in unincorporated Los Angeles County, but with a SAN GABRIEL zip code.

                        1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

                          There is a difference between Steak and Stein and Northwoods Inn. Not much of a difference but they are two seperate restaurants, both of which, are owned by Clearman's.

                          I remember a Steak and Stein in San Gabriel and a phone call to this corporate office confirms that there used to be a Steak and Stein in San Gabriel, which has now closed.


                    2. Don't forget Dal Rae in Pico Rivera

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                      1. re: teaeye

                        i second this rec! best steaks in all of southern california...and ive tried a lot of steaks.

                        1. re: love2eat

                          Tell me more about Dal Rae? What cuts of steak do you order? Why is Dal Rae so good?

                            1. re: reality check

                              Throwback to the 60's - red naughahyde booths, low lighting, serious drinkers at the bar, waitresses and patrons who have been there forever. I get the filet. Classic tableside Ceasar salad preparation - the night I was there it was performed by the founder's grandson (one of 2 brothers who are the current owners)

                              1. re: reality check

                                i love it because its a no-nonsense, non-trendy, stiff drink steakhouse. you can say this about taylor's but dal rae is a cut above taylors in terms of the quality and and size of the steak. it is true that the two owners (kevin and loren) prepare certain dishes tableside...when i was little they used to prepare a fettucine alfredo tableside for me...frying pan, butter, cream...made the sauce right there in front of me. now they usually will just prepare salads or deserts tableside including the grand marnier supreme which is an incredible blend of chocolate ice cream, rasberry ice cream and grand marnier. they mix it all up there before your eyes.

                                the cuts of meat are beautiful and huge. i usually order either the filet mignon pepper steak or the new york pepper steak depending on my mood. its basically the cut of meat with a delicious topping of green onion, bacon bits, peppercorns, and butter. the combination is truly divine!

                                the service can't be beat either. a lot of the eighty-year old waitresses have since left but there are a couple still around...ask for kitty!

                                1. re: reality check

                                  Dal Rae is a lot of fun. One of the few places where I enjoy filets, as it is usually a flavorless cut, but Dal Rae's classic toppings go perfectly. For a fun retro dessert, try the Cherries Jubilee which is prepared tableside, of course :)

                            2. Although its a chain I'm a big fan of Maestros. Another place you may want to try is the Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena.