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Jul 26, 2006 07:38 AM

Tel Aviv recommendations?

In Tel Aviv for a few weeks visiting, would like any kind of recs - particularly for a single diner! I love all kinds of food but would love to sample local specialties.

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  1. Agvania is pretty good, dairy, with ok pizza and good pastas as well nice place to sit

    Ashrafy very very authentic persian food, meats outstanding and the service is good

    Le Relais Jaffa, french, meat is very good, as is the goose liver, though you may not be able to get it anymore, they banned it in Israel recently

    Toros, what was el gaucho, south american styled meat

    1. Hi There,
      If you want GREAT Pizzas, Pastas,....Go to BIG MAMAS, near the Carmel Market..Simply fantastic nad NOT pricey!!

      1. We really enjoyed Orna v Ella and would recommend it. It feels Israeli, food is great.

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          We just had a very enjoyable meal there tonight with exceptional lamb meatballs with quinoa and a great pear tart, not too sweet. Tunesian fish cakes were so-so, once again indicating that Israelis don't cook fish well.

        2. There are some really good restaurants around the Tel Aviv Old Port area. We had dinner at a really good fish place a couple of years ago (I'll try to find out the name). It's also a fun place to walk around.

          There are also some good places on Shenkin Street, a very trendy shopping area near the shuk (market).

          1. Oops! Just noticed the date of your post. You've probably gone and come back by now. How was your trip?