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red korean bean paste

where can i find this? does 99 ranch market sell it? what is a good brand to get thanks

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  1. Try Eugene Market. I think it is a chain Korean grocery store. I've seen packaged bean/chili pastes and a whole buffet think of housemade stuff that they sell by the pound. They also sell housemade Korean snacks and prepared meats for grilling. THe ribs were delicious!

    I only know of the address of one right off of 980/24 downtown Oakland on 7th St and Brush. Take the 11th/12th St. exit, follow feeder and it is right on the corner.

    1. what area are you in? Koreana (formerly Pusan) market will have all of your Korean food needs -- it's located on Telegraph Ave. near 27th in Oakland.

      HanKook Market in Sunnyvale is one of the larger Korean markets around -- located on El Camino near Lawrence.

      In SF, I'd head to Kuk Je (sp?) in Daly City.

      1. thank you. i will try out both your set of recs.

        1. It's called Goju-jian and in the south bay, you can get it at any of the korean supermarkets on El Camino/ Lawrence Expressway.

          1. actually, it's "gochujang" (고추장). pronounced like "goh chew jahng." 99 ranch market is taiwanese based... not sure if they carry korean products.

            if you want even a chance at finding some type of artisanal quality gochujang, i'd head over to one of the large korean markets. either hankook market or kukje.

            This might help you out: http://www.koreanfeast.com/korean_mar...

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            1. Yes, 99 ranch definately will have it. Check it out in the canned section. There are two kinds one is the smooth red bean paste the other one is chunky kind. I belive it's the chunky kind you want. BTW, they're very sweet, almost too sweet for my taste.

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                99 ranch definitely has bean paste but not sure they have gochujang which is very different from the chinese bean pastes. there are some 99 ranches that have an extensive Korean selection (kimchi, gochujang, pickles, whatever) , but for instance, the one in the Pacific mall didn't seem to be one of those. OTOH, who knows, they might still have a stray tub of gochujang. what are you trying to make? If you're trying to make ssamjang then just buy a bottle of premade ssamjang and call it a day.

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                  Oops, I didn't know beer786 was referring to gochujang. Then what I have describe is definately not what you're looking for. choctastic is right 99 ranch may or may not have it. I've seen it at pacific east mall 99 ranch from time to time. If not, there is a small Korean grocery store on San Pablo ave across the street next to a vacuum store (across from Past Time Ace hardware store) they will definately have it.

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                    yes... that's Hosanna Market/Foods.