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Jul 26, 2006 07:21 AM

red korean bean paste

where can i find this? does 99 ranch market sell it? what is a good brand to get thanks

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  1. Try Eugene Market. I think it is a chain Korean grocery store. I've seen packaged bean/chili pastes and a whole buffet think of housemade stuff that they sell by the pound. They also sell housemade Korean snacks and prepared meats for grilling. THe ribs were delicious!

    I only know of the address of one right off of 980/24 downtown Oakland on 7th St and Brush. Take the 11th/12th St. exit, follow feeder and it is right on the corner.

    1. what area are you in? Koreana (formerly Pusan) market will have all of your Korean food needs -- it's located on Telegraph Ave. near 27th in Oakland.

      HanKook Market in Sunnyvale is one of the larger Korean markets around -- located on El Camino near Lawrence.

      In SF, I'd head to Kuk Je (sp?) in Daly City.

      1. thank you. i will try out both your set of recs.

        1. It's called Goju-jian and in the south bay, you can get it at any of the korean supermarkets on El Camino/ Lawrence Expressway.

          1. actually, it's "gochujang" (고추장). pronounced like "goh chew jahng." 99 ranch market is taiwanese based... not sure if they carry korean products.

            if you want even a chance at finding some type of artisanal quality gochujang, i'd head over to one of the large korean markets. either hankook market or kukje.

            This might help you out:

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