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Jul 26, 2006 06:48 AM

Entertainment Book - San Diego

I know that a lot of people don't like the entertainment book and think there are only crappy restaurants included (and most likely I will get banned from Chowhound after this post :)) but I think it is a good way to test a few restaurants and quite often you find something interesting. Soemtimes it is even only one dish you like and go back. I am just curious if other chowhounds use their EB and found anything good.

Here are some restaurant I tested with the EB and found good enough to return:

- California Cuisine (If you like Region or Cafe Cerise you should give it a try)
- Chilango (best "upscale" Mexican in SD)
- Russo's Pasta (Encinitas, small shop specialized in selling fresh pasta, but have also few tables for lunch. You want to buy fresh pasta in SD, this is your place)
- Pizzicato (Encinitas, best pizza in SD)
- Kontinental Deli (Escondido, really small shop which sells some German and Dutch stuff but has also the best Kassler (smoked pork chops) with sauerkraut in SD. Has also great liverwurst and liver loaf).
- El Pollo Loco (I know it is a chain but their chicken is damn good)
- Chicken plus Greek Cuisine (Escondido, I only go for the lamb shanks but they are great)
- Garden Grill (India Street, good Mediterrean Cuisine)
- Da Nino's (Morena Blvd., always go for the Spaghetti Carbonara)
- Tropical Star (Balboa Ave., good South American dishes)
- Spice & Rice (La Jolla, good Thai)
- Pollos Maria (Carlsbad, good chicken)
- La Torta (PB, you want Mexican Torta, that is your place)
- Bety's Restaurant (Encinitas, small Mexican with good food)
- Miramar Cafe (for some reason they have the best Gyros I can find in SD)
- Sammy's Woodfired Pizza (small chain, but very good pizza and good tapas menu)
- Thai Garden (Oceanside, great Thai)
- Joe's Italian Dinner (Escondido, I go for the home made tortellinis)
- Mama Testa's (Hillcrest, if you want tacos, go should go there)
- El Callejon (Encinitas, good for Mexican fish dishes)
- Wired (UTC, good quiches)
- Honey Bistro & Bakery (Encinitas, good breakfast)

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  1. Great post. I would never think about something like EB, but that is a list of interesting places.


    1. The EB, or coupons from the Reader is how I find new places. I don't want to pay full price the first time, especially if its bad food...

      1. Great post honkman. The wife and I got a chance to try some good places because of the EB. Such as:

        Black Horse Grill
        The Godfather
        Aurora Trattoria
        Zio Mario’s
        Island Pasta
        Spice & Rice
        Papa Docs

        We still have more to explore...any more suggestions?

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        1. re: pbhomey

          How are Zio Mario's, Island Pasta and Aurora Trattoria ? I have all three on my list.

        2. We both really liked Zio Mario's and Aurora Trattoria. We had lunch at Island Pasta, small casual place with good food. I would choose the other two first.

          1. The other interesting question is of course if you had ever any restaurants which very incredible bad with their food. One example for us was Taco Del Mar in Poway which made the worst burritos we ever had (dry, tasteless etc).