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Jul 26, 2006 05:40 AM

Budget Paris in August

Hi I'll be in Paris for the first time August 5-11 with my mom. Neither of us have any idea where to go to eat that will be open.

Aux Anysetiers du Roy at Rue St. Louis en L’ile (3 course lunch 15Euro)
Le Petit Picard (Closed for lunch Sat/Sun/Mon) (3 Course lunch and wine 10.50Euros)

^^after a day of research I have only two places which may or may not be open that look budget friendly and delicious and I dont even know if they'll be open! pretty frustrating. The thing is we rarely eat chicken or beef, so we'd be interested in places that serve good fish dishes or have vegetarian options. But we would prefer fish :)

If you all have any ideas let me know please.

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  1. Sorry, can't tell you if the places you mention will be open or not. But don't worry, lots and lots of places will be open, especially large brasseries and most cafés which do serve some decent food as well and usually have daily specials.

    With the current high temperatures, you will always find nice choices of composed salads (with ham, cheese, eggs, etc.), different omelettes, and usually, at least a seafood choice. What arr. will you be staying in?

    You could also invest a couple of € and get a small resto guide like Zagats or the small Lebey bistrot guide (in French only though). Have a look at It lists restos by price, area, type of cuisine, etc. Not only the expensive ones, BTW.

      1. i actually went to Paris expecting to stumble upon a number of good bistros and brasseries and so didn't do too much planning, but was disappointed by many. I had a really tasty and affordable meal at Fish la Boissonerie (69, rue de Seine - Paris 75006. Tel : 01 43 54 34 69). If I'm not mistaken, the owners are from NZ and US, so it's an easy dining experience if you don't speak French. I think moroccan food is a great way to go if you're looking for fairly cheap vegetarian-friendly food in Paris. Chicha Cafe in the Marais had delicious couscous and tagines. Au Bistro in St. Honore has a nice atmosphere and good lunch. Best cheap lunch is a baguette sandwich from any street vendor or cafe.