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Jul 26, 2006 05:24 AM

Anybody try Truxton's yet? (Truxton south of Manchester)

Peeked in this evening and it looks like they are doing OK.

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  1. They finally got Truxton's opened, huh?! What does it look like, etc.? Gather the planned opening chef departed, and they had some other issues needing of resolution that delayed things a bit.
    8611 Truxton in Westchester, just off La Tijera.

    1. My husband and I live a couple of minutes from Truxton's and tried it out last night. It was a busy Sunday night and we waited at the bar for about 15 minutes for a table, which gave us a bit of time to check out all the activity. It has a nice, homey atmosphere...But they are definitely still working through opening phase speedbumps...

      While at the bar I ordered a glass of sauvignon blanc, but what I got was definitely a chardonnay. For a good five minutes I tried to hail down our bartender, but he diligently kept his back to the dining room and quite a few of the wait staff looking to get drink orderes filled. I gave up and we closed out our bar tab when our table was ready. The service was very attentive and friendly.

      The menu seemed a little off-balance. There were 6 sandwich options - 3 of which involved their slow roasted brisket, and 2 involving their slow roasted turkey breast. Odd man out was a meatball hoagie. They seemed to use alot of the same ingredients in the dishes...I actually ordered their slow roasted brisket plate, and was disappointed with the result - I think a menu having at least 4 different dishes based on a mediocre brisket is not the best way to go...

      My husband had their Gaucho Flat Iron steak which was pretty good - not nearly as nice as the little entrecote at Father's Office that's a buck cheaper...The parmesan garlic fries were too starchy - almost as if they had an extra coating of something to make them crispier. But at least the amount of parmesan (seemingly nonexistant) and garlic (mild) didn't overpower them.

      Other "House Favorites" on the menu were a couple of pastas, mac & cheese and a miso salmon...6 different hamburgers, and 6 different salads...We had the Fritto Misto as an appetizer which was pretty good...The people sitting next to us had the French Onion Soup and raved about it - but were not terribly enthusiastic about their steak entrees...

      When I ordered a 2nd glass of the sauvignon blanc, it was exactly what I got - nothing like the chardonnay tasting glass originally poured.

      I would have expected something like a nice homestyle meatloaf/mashed potato plate, maybe a good pork chop...Not a speck of pork on the menu, and the only fish that appears is the salmon, and a tuna sushi appetizer. Overall we'll give it another shot (perhaps in a few months when they can take the training wheels off). It's a nice change to what little is available in the neighborhood. And it's got a lot of potential...

      1. I had a disappointing first visit to Truxton’s. I chalk it up to birthing pains and I will try them again. There are so many good places that I usually don’t give a second chance. Truxton’s is so very new and the manager was very interested in my comments. I believe that he was genuinely interested in customer’s comments and is eager to correct any shortcomings.

        The waiter was clearly still on training paper. I asked for a soda refill (Free by the way, even though they have a full bar.) He passed me 4 times without a glance. I finally got up and went to the bar to get my own refill. Even after I got my own refill I was not able to get another from him and had to go to the bar each time. The glasses are so full of ice that there is not much soda, and I drink a lot of liquid with my meals. Only when he brought my bill did he ask if I wanted a refill. (Tip Trolling?)

        This brings up another issue. I am not a clumsy person but in getting up to get my soda refill I forgot that the booth was raised. I read the warning on the booth when I sat down. Three factors contributed to the major stumble. First, I was distracted by having to get my own refill and was not as attentive as I should have been. Second, the step is about a foot or so away from the booth so you don’t feel it when you swing your leg out. Finally, the carpet above and below the step is the same striped pattern. The striped run parallel to the row of booths making the step is practically invisible. Take care.

        On to the chow.

        I ordered the half Caesar Salad with home made dressing and the Not-So-Philly Steak sandwich. The waiter brought the salad to me after quite some time later and told me my sandwich was almost ready and did I want him to bring it out. Being served the salad at the same time as the main dish is a pet peeve of mine and I told him no. I could deal with a cold sandwich later if that were the case.

        The only thing Caesar about the salad was the romaine lettuce and the cheese. It whad an oil-based dressing with little spicing. It had no anchovy, no egg, no garlic, no mustard, and no flavor. The lettuce was only slightly above room temperature and was not crisp. I really dislike menus that offer a classic then deliver something completely different.

        When my sandwich came, it was just hot enough not to send back. The “ Not-So-Philly” was clearly described in the menu and their brisket, so no surprise there. The sandwich had a very thin film of peppers and onion and did not provide enough moisture to overcome the large roll. The beef was quite tasty.

        The sides of interest to me were French fries and horseradish coleslaw. I can get fries anywhere so I chose the slaw. It was very good.

        As I said, the manager was very interested in my comments. He told me that the theme of the restaurant was classic food “with a twist.” I cautioned him that he should take care in not meeting customer’s expectations.

        I will try it again if the future Houndly posts suggest it worthwhile.

        1. Business lunch there yesterday. Client had a nice chicken salad and even got to try two different dressings!
          BBQ sandwich saw great with half to take home. Great addition to the neighborhood. I saw lots of familiar faces and as they get up to staff and settled in, I'm sure it will get even better.
          Plenty of refills on my water with lemon, attentive staff and a private room that should come in handy for casual business meetings.

          1. Following is a report I posted a few weeks ago. Returned a few days ago & service had indeed improved, but still not entirely smooth....

            Truxton’s is a welcome addition to Westchester’s rather pathetic dining scene. With Ayara, the estimable little Thai restaurant around the corner on 87th St, Truxton’s gives locals who might really care about their food another place to go.

            Billed as an “American Bistro,” Truxton’s menu is basically upscale comfort food. Mac & cheese (very good), burgers (excellent indeed), pasta (spaghetti & meatballs for those who crave retro), plus some rather strange throwins – an unexplainable & almost inedible “Vietnamese” avocado spring roll & a wonderful Argentine skirt steak for instance. Lots of generous salad choices as well. All dishes at our table were very well prepared & presented.

            Huge windows & open floor plan give the well-designed & executed space an airy feeling. Makes it hard to believe that the oppressive Maison Wang’s was there last. CARPETING – yes!! – absorbs a surprising amount of noise in the otherwise hard-surfaced design. Well-proportioned bar & accessible wine list (Folie et Deux’s Menage a Trois Meritage, for instance, is priced at $33 IIRC.)

            Tim Foley, the managing partner, is now serving as peripatetic host, working frantically putting out service fires, inevitable in week 1. These will surely be ironed out soon.

            All in all, not much the Grubs would change for this resto’s family-oriented, cost-conscious Westchester market. Maybe cloth napkins & some kind of placemat/bistro table covering, which would enhance the dining experience at relatively little added cost.