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Jul 26, 2006 04:53 AM

french cuisine

i need help. i am craving good french food. i've had good exposure in NY, but can't seem to find similar in LA...

one thing in particular i'm craving is an amazing filet done so tenderly, and with a traditional bernaise sauce that was just perfect. and side of french fries. nice glass of wine.

so simple right? can't find it. can't find anything reasonably priced that's close to it. i'm not talking about just the filet or meat... anything french... anything good, i'll take it.

most recent placed i tried was la dijionaise (sp?). it was good- but mind you, not GOOOOOOOD.

someone, please help? because as always, i am..


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  1. As I find it hard to imagine any filet being more than just okay, I'm probably going to be of minimal help to you. However, you can find an excellent steak frites at either Cafe Beaujolais on Colorado in Eagle Rock, or at Bistro de la Gare in South Pasadena. Don't know what CB is cooking these days, but the SoPa Bistro does a bone-in ribeye, IMO the best part of the cow, with a green peppercorn/cognac sauce and a pile of matchstick fries the size of a hay-bale, and I say it's the pussy's PJs. And it's about eighteen bucks. Killer.

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    1. re: Will Owen

      yes! that sounds delish! my favorite is also the bone-in ribeye, but i guess my point about the filet was that even a filet, not my fav cut, done superbly can be just as memorable (and palatable)!

      i'm excited by your recommendations and will definitely be checking out those places.

      THANK YOU!!

    2. There is a French restaurant in Monrovia that has had good reviews in the past but I've not been there. It is called
      La Parisienne, 1101 E. Huntington Dr., Monrovia 91016, close x st is Mountain. Phone 626-357-3359.

      I understand the executive chef is Daniel Dufort (if he's still there). has the menu, which looks interesting, and there are several reviews if you google the restaurant name. Hope this helps and if you go, please post your review.

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      1. re: eartha

        the menu looks quite good- i will definitely post when i try. it will just be a matter of time..
        THANKS for the rec!

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          Haven't been there in a while, but it is a really nice place with one of the few remaining quintessentially French menus. Good wine list. Definitely not cheap, though. Menu link with prices:

          I have always been partial to Taix on Sunset near Glendale Bl, as opposed to many, many doubters on this board. It is classic, cheap, and has one of the city's most reasonably priced French wine lists. Unfortunately, none of the food is particularly distinguished - ok, for the more ambitious preparations it's not even that good. But for the price and atmosphere it is still worth it, and if you're into escargot, steak frites or roast chicken, and a great 1990 bordeaux for a reasonable price, this is your place. Dinner menu with prices:

        2. Mimosa on Beverly near Fairfax does a fine steak frites. Here is the link:

          1. Mistral in Sherman Oaks is very Frenchy - excellent food, good buzz, nice room (a bit noisey), attentive service and the big plus of an ever present host who oversees every aspect of the operation - big personality giving tremendous warmth to the evening.

            1. I like La Cachette. On Little Santa Monica, Century City. I loved the grilled dry aged prime Angus New York steak topped with a just dab of melted mixed blue and goat cheeses. It was encrusted in a blend of five different peppercorns and laced with a drizzle of wine sauce. (much like a steak au poivre) It came served with crispy french fries sprinkled with proven├žal herbs. It was was amazing that night, but so large I couldn't finish it. It was equally amazing the next two days that I munched on it, cold from the frige!

              La Cachette
              10506 Little Santa Monica Blvd.
              Century City, CA


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              1. re: sassille

                la cachette is really nice, but not really the moderately priced option OP was looking for.