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Jul 26, 2006 03:26 AM

Disappointing first time at Pomodoro. Worth another try?

Had lunch at Pomodoro. Started with the gazpacho and followed with the arugula salad with parmagiano and prosciutto.

The salad was good if not spectacular. Fresh ingredients were used and the greens were dressed just enough to highlight, rather than mask, the comingling of the flavors.

The gazpacho; however, looked and tasted as though they opened a can of tomato juice, poured it in a bowl and sprinkled some diced vegtables on top. Huge disappointment.

Our server was wonderful, as was the bread.

Could we have ordered differently and had a better food experience?

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    1. I've heard mixed reviews of Pomodoro in Brookline. At the North End location I enjoy the calamari (they have a light tomato sauce to dip the squid in) and the fish entrees.

      But I haven't been in a while ... it's not on the top of my list in the summer due to lack of AC and the open kitchen.