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Jul 26, 2006 02:44 AM

Bullshead in the Castro

I was in the Castro this past weekend and saw what seems like it could be another branch of the Bullshead burger joint that's also in West Portal. I think it's in the space formerly occupied by the Indian fusion restaurant Tallulah, on 18th St. between Collingwood and Diamond, and there's a bright orange awning. Anyone know the story?

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  1. That would be great! I moved from the West Portal area over a year ago and how I miss their burgers, anyone tried the Challenger? Loosten the belt! Yummer!

    1. yes that's the same Bullshead than in West Portal.
      they bought the building in the castro.

      1. I saw the signs a couple weeks ago, are they open already?

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        1. re: cedichou

          Yes, they are...and lunch from 11am..
          Haven't tried it yet myself though...

        2. We tried it a couple of weeks back on its first Sunday for dinner. Service was slow, and we had to send our son's burger back -- it was rare, not medium, as we had asked -- but the food was pretty good. I tried a buffalo burger as a supposedly healthier alternative to beef. Not bad, but not as good as cow! Apparently, the West Portal restaurant has a much-talked-about salad bar, but this one does not.