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Jul 26, 2006 02:39 AM


Looking for some good Vietnamese food. What's out there? Anything in the east end of the city?

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  1. I suggest Vietnam Noodle Star. Its a mix of Cantonese and Vietnamese there, run by Cantoneses. Great pho though, very hearty. Other than pho, they have bun, rice, and snacks (like grilled REALLY big prawns). At Midland and Finch.

    There's also Pho 88 at Alton Towers which serves nice Vietnamese dishes (pho, rice, bun, ..), run by Vietnameses. But I find Vietnam Noodle House has much more variety, quality in ingredients is also better.

    There's also a little restaurant at Sheppard and Brimley. Its in a little (VERY VERY LITTLE) plaza that only consists of 3 shops, and one of them being this restaurant and another being Harveys, and the other shop is like a Caribbean music store. The restaurant is also Cantonese-run, but their barbeque grilled items are excellent. I used to always go and get grilled pork chops with lemongrass on pho or on rice. I can't remember their name off the top, unfortunately, but its right at the south-west corner of Brimley and Sheppard.

    There's an east Asian buffet down the road from there called Rex Saigon, on Sheppard, just east of Brimley. They have made to order pho (also very hearty, by far the best pho I've had is from there), lots of different types of curries (curry fish, curry crab), and other east Asian stuff that I cant remember. I didnt quite like it though, as all buffets, their food is kinda sub par. I remember having a stomach ache afterwards too, so be careful. I cant remember whether the proprietor was Cantonese or Vietnamese.

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      The place on the southwest corner of Brimley/Shepperd is V&H, but i didn't really like the pho there.

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        jennjen18, is the above Rex Saigon affiliated with the Rex Saigon on Eglinton E just over from Yonge?

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          yes but the one on eglinton E is not a buffet while the one sheppard is

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          I LOVE VIETNAM NOODLE STAR. the noodles there are very thick. great service - very fast, and the soup is very good.

        3. Mimi on Gerrard, East of Broadview. They have great Vietnamese food, and it's cheap. Although I have to say their portion sizes seem to be getting smaller, but they're still generous.

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            mimi's is great. when you go there you can really see how the owner builds a rapport with her customers. she's very friendly and speaks 5 different languages. the pho there is excellent, as well as their red bean ice drink.
            recently it's been getting pretty packed leading to long waittimes, but every time the bill came the owner apologized profusely. which showed her graciousness and appreciation of our business.
            this is the place i always go to when i want pho and in that area.

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              I loved Mimi's for years, despite their pho not being top notch, because they did, indeed, make me feel part of the family. Perhaps it has been bad timing, but I've found the welcome less warm lately, and the pho is still not among the best (though it IS decent). They are one of the few places on Gerrard east that is busy these days, and I don't begrudge their success, but it's not worth lining up with equal or better alternatives on the block

          2. Try Pho Hung on Spadina (excellent pho oxtail/tripe soups, curry beef/or chicken with rice, Vietnamese crepes, etc etc).

            Pho Mi Asia on Wilson/Keele in the plaza is also good. Their Iced coffee is a bit too thick and over done with condense milk though.

            There are a couple of places on Ossington near Queen that has good Vietnamese food too.

            I know cuz I'm Viet and grew up with the home cooked stuff and can tell you whats authentic and what is not.

            1. Located in the east end of the city at Sheppard and Brimely, Rex Saigon which opened not too long ago serves what appears to be authentic Vietnamese and Thai food. You could tell by the long line ups on the weekends that the food is good. Quite a number of variety including rice in plantain leaves. Besides the red and green curries they also have delicious crab curries with pancakes. Their dessert casava cakes is pretty yummy. Heard good reviews from people who've been there.

              1. Besides Pho Hung on Spadina my other fave place is Green Bamboo in a plaza on the southeast corner of Midland/Sheppard, best quality pho and vermicelli i've had.

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                  I second Green Bamboo. Menu is vietnamese and thai mostly, but I really enjoy everything I've had there, especially the grilled meat wraps.