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Jul 26, 2006 02:26 AM

Bymark...what to have?

5th anniversary coming up.
Going to Bymark for dinner then Perigee for dessert.
(read: dessert tasting menu....yum!)

Question is, what suggestions to have at Bymark?



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  1. I've had the lobster poutine, which was lovely;
    the salmon, also lovely, with a delicious crispy skin;
    the lamb was quite good;
    A few years ago, I think I had whole trout, but it's not on their menu now, so I wonder if maybe it was pickerel and misremember, but it was served with morrel (sp?) mushrooms. It was very good as well. Foie gras was amazing as well.

    I don't remember being overwhelmed by the chocolate paradise cake, but the pavlova was very nice.
    as a non-drinker, the teas and the juices are really good, but very expensive, around $7-10 range, I think.

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    1. I was there recently and cannot say enough about the homemade gravalax - delicious!! The mains were all good too, especially the fish selcetions - salmon, seabass, miso cod.

      1. I have also heard raves about the $40 burger with truffle oil. Can anyone verify that?

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          The burger is very good - if you're going to Bymark, you might as well get the burger, because it's almost worth the money and it's pretty much the first thing people will ask about. And I believe it comes with shaved truffles (not just oil) and some sort of blue cheese.

          1. re: iridium11

            Yes, you are right. And it is very, very good...