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Jul 26, 2006 01:47 AM

Cincinnati report

Had a great visit to Cincinnati. My daughter liked Xavier more than my budget thinks she should have!

We had one dinner at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport. We enjoyed it a lot. The food was fine; my husband liked the sausage platter; I had a simple sandwich which was decent. My son had a "bratburger" which was interesting but he liked it. We went there for the beer and atmosphere, however, and really enjoyed both.

Lunch the next day was at Skyline Chili. I had the chili 3ways and everyone else had coney dogs. We all thought it to be good; we believe in the motto "there's no such thing as too much cheese" so we were quite happy. I was glad someone on another thread had warned about expecting Cincinnati chili to be of the Tex-mex style. We were able to enjoy the food without expecting it to be something it's not supposed to be.

Dinner that night was at Montgomery Inn. We had walked across the Purple People Bridge from Newport so we really worked up an appetite. We loved the food here. The ribs were fall of the bone with an excellent sauce (we brought some home). It was a sweeter sauce than we usually get but we liked it a lot. I'm not much for using bbq sauce as a dipping sauce but the Saratogo chips converted me. I also loved the house vinegrette dressing. My husband was thrilled to find out they have a house beer that he liked a lot.

Lastly, we went to Graeters for icecream. I wouldn't go out of my way to go back (parking was a huge issue) but I'd never turn it down if offered.

All in all, a great visit. Thanks for the suggestions.


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  1. My daughter is home visiting from Idaho, and she and her husband have three requirements on trips home -- Montgomery Inn, Skyline and lots and lots of Graeter's -- so you hit the high points. On this trip, we were somewhat disappointed with Montgomery Inn; the service was very rushed, things we asked for (extra napkins, ketchup) didn't arrive on time, and the ribs frankly were a little dry (they are prepared in a central commissary and shipped to the restaurants).

    If your daughter does attend Xavier, you'll be able to explore the town a little more, which has a lot of good food.