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Jul 26, 2006 01:46 AM

Iced Coffee...and Vodka!

My brother served this one up the other Sunday morning, and though his girlfriend and I initially greeted it with a bit of skepticism, well, we finished it up quickly, and had seconds! Don't need no stinkin' Irish coffee!

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  1. I do this all the time (esp. with the hot weather nowadays).

    I've quickly learned that Vodka goes well with alot of things ... esp. in the morning ... heck, I was almost tempted to spike my Jamba Juice with a shot of Smirnoff.

    1. this sounds great. I cant stand red bull so this is a great alternative. Do you make the iced coffee the way you usually like it (I like skim milk and splenda) or is it better black?

      1. coffee and vodka go very well together. a friend and i used to make "freezing russians" - espresso, milk, vodka, and kahlua shaken together with lots of ice.

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          Wow. That sounds amazing. Do you feel jittery or sleepy after a glass of that?

        2. with all of the sugar and caffeine, you get a bit hyper. and the hangover... oof. best to only have one or two.

          1. We are infusing vodka with coffee beans. Should be good to go any day now. Plan on using it in iced coffee with a little Baileys.