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Jul 26, 2006 01:46 AM

William Shakespeare Cookbook

decades ago i made a 'cottage cheese omellet' from this cookbook and i would love to have the recipe. does anyone happen to have this book? theres a chance it may have been called or had the subtitle 'the elizabethan cookbook'

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    1. re: Kitchen Queen

      oddly when i search for this thread i find nothing. just reposting to see what happens............

      1. re: tastelessfruit

        Well, was this the name of the cookbook or was it a cookbook w/Will's sonnets? Do you remember anything about it?

        1. re: Kitchen Queen

          it was a cookbook of dishes eaten in elizabethan times. ive searched everywhere for it and had NO luck whatsoever.

    2. Well, I found a listing for "Shakespeare Plain & Fancy: A Renaissance Cookbook" by one Judith Ackley on Printed in 1980 w/ unknown binding, but no copies available. My usual sources (,, and Alibris) didn't show results. :( There's a book store in Manhattan that specializes in old cookbooks -- I heard about it on NPR. Does anyone know if it? I suppose they might have a copy.... It sounds fun.

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      1. re: bruce

        Kitchen Arts and Letters is a bookstore dedicated to cooking books. They have helped me find a few out of print books, but be prepared to pay for them! Don't know if this is the one bruce heard about on NPR.

        Also try Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon.

        Kitchen Arts and Letters
        1435 Lexington Avenue
        New York, New York 10128
        Tel: (212) 876-5550

      2. Amazon also shows "Shakespeare's Kitchen: Renaissance Recipes for the Contemporary Cook" (Hardcover). But it seems to be too recent to meet the OP's info. "decades ago"

        1. Bonnie Slotnick used to work for Nach Waxman, owner of Kitchen Arts & Letters, heading the "Book Search" dept. and now runs her own cookbook search business in the Village. Google "Bonnie Slotnick" and her website comes up. You'll have better luck if you phone her rather than using the internet. She's a gem and if anyone can find what you're looking for, Bonnie can.

          Good Luck!

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          1. This is great. I will have an easier road to finding my own copy. :) KQ