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Jul 26, 2006 01:44 AM

Foodies invade Worcester County, need help!

Hi all,

Boston foodies have relocated to the burbs and need some good advice.

I've heard about Tiano's and TiNovo in Worcester, and have dined at 111 Chop House. I know that the Castle in Leicester is kind of a classic, but after that ...

I'd appreciate any suggestions for good food anywhere in the Worcester County area -- bonus points if you can point to Worcester or regions south (Oxford, Sutton Millbury, Worcester, etc.) And if anyone knows of any good spots for sushi, Italian (not Greek) pizza, or great Chinese or Thai takeout, please advise!

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  1. Worcester has a lot to offer. I'll just name a few favorites, since I know others will pitch in, too.

    For upscale dining, try the Struck Cafe (New American), or Rovezzi's (Italian). You can also graze nicely in the Struck's bar, e.g., watching a Sox game. (For the best dining in Worcester County, you must head north to Sonoma in Princeton.)

    The Sole Proprietor is a legendary place, very reliable for seafood. Their menu is very flexible, making it a place for anything from a quick bar meal to grazing to a splurge dinner.

    For very nice "Italian-American" food, which is Worcester's long suit, try Anthony's or Piccolo's on Shrewsbury St., an avenue worth exploring in detail.

    My favorite Worcester restaurant is a Vietnamese place that offers some remarkable fusion specials. It's called the Bamboo Hut, and is run by some wonderful folks named Nam and Quyen. BYOB, and be patient, since it's a family place and the service is sometimes casual.

    Some quite nice sushi at Zipango on Shrewsbury St.

    Real, thin-crust Italian-style pizza (as recently noted on this site) is at the Corner Grille. Thicker but also nice pies can be gotten at Ciao Bella, also a good place for sandwiches and informal pasta meal.

    There is no really good Chinese, Thai, or Mexican, sadly. Some good Indian choices, though--Surya, Bollywood, and, um, the place across Rt 9 from Bollywood (the latter two just into Shrewsbury). Seoul Leechi on Main St has a nice array of Korean dishes. And finally, for a killer Hungarian experience, visit Anna's Kitchen, across from the RMV.

    That should get you started. Happy chowing!

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      Lots of great suggestions here, but I'd like to chime in on the topic of Chinese food in Worcester. There is a relatively new place on Shrewsbury Street that is worth checking out - Red Lantern. Avoid the sushi - it is just not good. However the Chinese is varied, fresh, and really top-notch. There is even a dim-sum brunch on Sundays. Avoid the buffet and order off of the menu. You won't be disappointed.

    2. P.S. For breakfast, try Scano's on Shrewsbury St. For a wonderful quick lunch, grab a sandwich (fish, kufta, and lentil/onion are especially great) at Emilia's on Pleasant. For good examples of Worcester's other specialty, middle Eastern, try either El Basha (two places, one upscale and one casual or Shiraz (good service, mediocre atmosphere), or Sahara (exactly the opposite). Finally, when shopping for good food, check out Hyder's on Pleasant, Living Earth on Chandler, and Emerald Meats on Chandler, and rejoice that there's a Trader Joe's in Shrewsbury.

      1. When in the Big Woo I am ever drawn to the One Love Cafe for Venice Fouchard's incredible Jamaican culinary craft. One Love is a tiny storefront on 800 Main Street, near Clark University. Just a handful of tables and an overstuffed sofa, with Venice on the other side of the counter stirring aromatic pots. Don't be in a hurry, good home cookin' takes time.

        Indeed, I discovered Chowhound via a Boston article on founder Jim Leff in which he raves about the joint (excerpt):

        "Our first stop is one that the two hit the last time Leff was in the area: One Love Cafe, on Main Street. As soon as owner Venice Fouchard greets us, Leff says, ''I've been waiting to have your food again for two years."

        Amid the paint-by-number horses and dogs and the poster of Bob Marley, Leff looks over his notes from the previous visit, and we peruse the menu of ''Likkle Tings," ''Big Tings," and ''Sweet Tings." Leff suggests oxtail, as well as ackee with codfish, the national dish of Jamaica. It is made from salt cod and the white flesh of a red tropical fruit. In the Northeast, ackee is often frozen, but Fouchard has a friend in Florida who grows the fruit and sends it to her fresh.

        As we scarf down the spicy, salty, creamy fish and the deeply flavored oxtail with lima beans, Leff declares the oxtail ''the best I've ever had -- and I've had a lot"

        For the full Globe article including other restaurants in the area -- click here:

        Other chowhound board links on One Love:

        1. A second for the Sole Proprietor and Anthony's.
          Make sure you try the veal chop at Anthony's!

          1. I've heard raves about the food at Anna's Hungarian Kitchen. Haven't made it there, yet, but it's on my chow list.


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              Sadly, I believe Anna's is closed. We tried to go there last weekend. The doors were locked though the light on the sign was on. Residents leaving the hotel/condos where the restaurant was told us they had closed.