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Jul 26, 2006 01:25 AM

Henkels Pans?

Anyone succumbed? I have Mag pro and Calphalon on which the annodization is wearing off despite only using only wood or plastic high degree resistant spatulas they are going to ruin and in some cases just warping. I hate the handle design on All Clad and though I have not priced the Henkels find All Clad totally ridiculous for the price. They realy are not much better in quality than the sandwiched Revere or Farberware, more hype than anything else. I need a couple of straiight sided sautee pans and a few 4 & 3 qt sauce pans, are they any good? I am not so neurotic that all of my pots and pans have to match. I just want good equipment for the money.

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  1. MagPro appears to have been resurrected. Their 10" straight-sided saute pan has got to be one of the best pieces ever sold. See: