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Jul 26, 2006 01:12 AM

Bariani California Olive Oil

I ordered a bottle of this the other day and now that it has come in, i have mixed feelings. Maybe my palate is not developed enough but it seems a bit "vegetable". As in, it does not have the typical characteristic of the olive oil i am used too. It is neither robust or refined. Maybe, it is that it is unfiltered. I am not saying that i dont like but i am just not used it. Anyone have thoughts or experiences?

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  1. I"ve had plenty of unfiltered olive oils that had outstanding olive oil character. I'm unfamiliar with Bariani, but I currently have an open bottle of Storm Olive Ranch oil (Napa valley) that I'm savoring -- it's really good.

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    1. re: pikawicca

      i'll have to check that out. I like unfiltered olive oils, sometimes i prefer them. But this oil is not typical of the other unfiltered oils i have had

    2. I've been buying this olive oil for a few years at the farmer's markets in San Francisco and I love it. It definitely is different than most olive oils I've had. What appeals to me is the olive "essence" that remains in the oil.

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      1. re: MaryMo

        it realy is unlike any olove oil i have had before but i cant say that i like that about it. I think i have to try it in a few other things. Used it to make pesto on tuesday night and the mildness of it took something away from the dish, or maybe it was just different i need to give it another shot.

      2. Are you using their regular oil or the October harvest? I'm really fond of the October harvest but it is definitely more bitter than most olive oil. When I make pesto with it I usually cut it with a weaker oil so it doesn't overwhelm the flavor. But when used sparingly it is fantastic. They also make an excelletn balsamic.