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Jul 26, 2006 12:49 AM

CLEMENTINE - Overpriced and Mediocre

Trying to avoid the hellfire heat of my apartment i caught a movie in west l.a. and decided to give clementine a try after the movie. The nice but clueless "college-kid" behind the counter took my order. It went something like this:

me: what is your lunch special for today? (i read that on weekdays they have a lunch special that includes half sandwich, cup of soup, soda, and cookie.)

Clueless College Kid (CCK): uhhhh...

Man yelling from the kitchen: Lunch Special is over! it ended at 3pm!

CCK: yeah, it ended at 3pm.

me: ok...well, can i have the cold rare roast beef sandwich.

CCK: ummmm..ok.

Man yelling from kitchen: We are out of roast beef for today!

CCK: out of roast beef.

me: wow, its not my lucky day. well, i guess ill get the philly cheese steak sandwich...and an ice water.

CCK: ok, that will be 10.47.

CCK hands me a wooden number to take to my table. The sandwich comes and it is tiny. about six inches long and cut in, i have two three inch halves. the meat was extremely greasy. there were a few grilled onions and maybe a couple grilled peppers scattered throughout. Pretty much flavorless and boring for all the fat grams consumed. the sandwich came with a miniscule cup of pickled cucumbers. the sweet and sour on the cucumbers was so overpowering that i couldnt even finish the miniscule cup.

i would have rather had subway. avoid this one.

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  1. Okay, I respect that you clearly had a bad experience, but I'm just gonna have to step in and defend Clementine here. I eat there a couple times a month and I love it. Everyone at my office adores the Philly cheesesteak and we also have a particular affection for the deviled eggs. The food is fresh, the staff has always been incredibly friendly and helpful, and they make some pretty great desserts to boot. I agree their pickles aren't all the rage, but when everything else is so good that minor offense can be forgiven.

    1. Well, you were probably not the only person experiencing the heat and thus they were probably taking care of many more customers than usual, all wanting to get take-out to avoid cooking, or sitting in their office that might have been without A/C, etc., and thus the fact that they ran out of many items after 3p.m. should not come as a TOTAL surprise.
      Since many posters on this board almost revere the food here, not always the service mind you, in fairness you should give them another chance, especially earlier in the lunch hour, and maybe during cooler weather when even cooler heads might prevail, on both sides of the counter

      1. I have to agree w/love2eat. Though I have had some tasty things at Clementine, it takes so much energy to go there whether it's standing in the long line, trying to get a glass of water from the clueless staff, or securing an empty table. If I order to go, there's no bread, no soup spoon...seems I should get paid to manage my sit down experience or take-out order.

        Clementine: get over it or get with it.

        1. I do empathize with your bad experience as well -- but as others said, they had an explosive growth of business lately and are still trying to figure out how much staffing/items is needed for the days. Hope you have an opportunity to check 'em out again... when they're good, they're great!

          1. It's been this way for several years...