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Jul 26, 2006 12:44 AM

Help-need Recs for lunch in Portsmouth NH-Kittery-YorkME area.

Nice, low or mid-priced fish or American type chow would be great.


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  1. You could do a search on this website and find a thousand suggestions. I will name a few. Kittery- a very nice restaurant- need reservations or sit at the bar - is Anneke Jans. Good American classic food- upscale - not overly expensive. For good breakfast and yummy lunch- go to Food & co on Route One - about one mile south of Stonewall Kitchen- on the left side going south. Excellent breakfast and lunch menu.
    Ogunquit- MC Perkins Cove for upscale food in a beautiful setting- owned by Arrows- nationally acclaimed restaurant.
    Joe Allen in the center of Ogunquit- everything from burgers, lobster rolls, burritos and pizza to steaks, seafopd stew, nice fish preparations etc.
    Lobster- Barnicle Billy's in Ogunquit if you want to sit outside on the deck- have great chowder, steamers etc. Rum punch is out of this world. Some like the Ogunquit Lobster Pound on Route One.
    98 Provence- upscale French food on SHore ROad in Ogunquit.
    Bob's Clam Hut- in Kittery in the midst of the shopping malls- for fried clams etc.
    Flo's hot dogs- only go there if you are willing to have their special sauce- the only reason to go. You can find Flo's in Kittery near the Trading Post or on ROute one in York.
    Have a great time.