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Jul 25, 2006 11:55 PM

Upper West Side - Solo Dining Recs

I'll be on the UWS around 85th & Columbus early Thurs eve and would like solo dining suggestions. Anything goes as far as food - cheap to midpriced (for ex. I go to Mary's or Pearl's solo from time to time). Bar or counter is fine if I can sit w/a book & feel comfortable. Cafe, falafel, soba/udon whatever. Don't want to go much past 86th - but am willing to get off subway in the 70's & walk. Thanks!

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  1. Sit at the bar at Ouest, Telepan, or Onera.

    1. The bar at Cesca is pretty good too.

      1. Thanks for the recs! Also considering Jacques-Imo's & now that I've just read about it - the new Hummus Place (may be having a large lunch!)

        Thanks again!

        1. what is this new hummus place?!?!?!? (where etc)

          nevermind! saw the other post about this. cant wait!!

          1. If you want to go cheaper than any of these, I'd recommend Flor de Mayo on 84th and Amsterdam, but stick to Peruvian dishes only (specials are on the blackboard).