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Jul 25, 2006 11:38 PM


Preparing for the almost-annual 9 days in Hyannis, and wondering if anyone had any recommendations for places other than the usual. (Don't worry about what constitutes my usual -- I go with a range of non-foodies, and pretty much anything decent isn't a part of my usual. Maybe thats a bit too harsh, but . . . .)

Any type of recommendation would be appreciated, from fancy birthday dinner to whatever the opposite of that is. Also not restricted to Hyannis, but that is where I'll be.


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  1. Definately try out the British Beer Company. There is one in Hyannis but the Falmouth location has awesome views. Burgers and pizza, and great beer selection!

    1. I like Eclectic Cafe for fancier. and Baxter's for basic fried fish.

      1. Palio's Pizza on Main Street in Hyannis. They have the best margherita pizza I have ever had. We actually ate it twice in a 4 day period because it was so good. I believe that they serve beer and wine only.

        1. I haven't been in almost 2 years, but really enjoyed the rodezio Brazilian Grill on Main St. I thought it was better than several similar restaurants in the Boston Area. If you don't want the rodezio, you have the option of eating on the patio. The less expensive Back Yard Buffet closed, but has reopened as another Brazilian and I think middle-eastern place... also on Main. There also is a Brazilian Bakery that sounds good, but I haven't been. There is a sub-shop that also has x-tudo, x-frango, etc brazilian snacks (lanches) in addition to normal offerings, but I need to check the name.

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            another vote for the Brazilian Grill

          2. I'm sure it's one of your "usuals," but Tugboats has good seafood and beautiful, relaxing outdoor dining.