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Jul 25, 2006 11:21 PM

Recs for Lunch in Gloucester

Would appreciate recs for an inexpensive or mid-priced lunch in Gloucester. Seafood or non-seafood (American, etc.) would be great.

Thanks for your help.


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  1. Pilot House. Cheap, consistently good.

    1. Boulevard Ocean View on Stacey Boulevard is wonderful, extremely casual authentic Portuguese.

      1. Boulevard Ocean View is a good recommendation. Also open for lunch is Madfish Grille on Rocky Neck overlooking the harbor, and Passports & Sugar Magnolias both on upper Main St. Madfish has a good size menu and you can have lunch in the restaurant area with nice big windows to look out on, or in the bar area where there is a small outdoor deck area. For the Main Street ones Passports is fancier. Sugar Magnolias will be less expensive and they have sandwiches and breakfast items along with other specials. Sugar Magnolias does not serve alchohol. I have never eaten at Pilot House but I thought it looked dirty. Essex clam shacks like Essex Seafood and Farnham's are also very close to Gloucester. For a big eaters lunch there is also Causeway Restaurant which is seafood and Italian.

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          Passports used to be good, but the last time I was there (2-3 months ago)I was disappointed. The menu had changed, and it seemed they were trying too hard to be fancy, and not hard enough at making good food. I can no longer recommend them.

          Blackburn tavern is a good place to go downtown for a casual lunch. If you go, I reccommend the grilled salmon.

        2. Alchemy - great for lunch.
          Entrees at dinner do not live up to the ambition behind them.