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Jul 25, 2006 11:14 PM

Citrus Bar & Grill?

hi all. well, i had my heart set on vice-versa for dinner after a show next month but then was devastated to find out they are closed on sundays. a girl recommended citrus and i checked out the www and it looks really good.

has anyone been? comments/suggestions?

( if it matters, i dont live in nyc, just coming from the country for the day...)

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  1. Give us some more parameters: neighborhood? Price? Cuisine?

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    1. re: xavier

      more info on citrus? i do believe its on the upper west side, latin-asian fare and medium $$$.

    2. Sorry, I meant more details on where else you might be willing to go. I misread the post. I've only been to Citrus once and thought it was pretty good, though not brilliant. Go for it, especially if you're young.

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      1. re: xavier

        well, i really wanted to stay close to the theatre district, and i realize citrus is 1.6 miles away....i know we can cab it easy, but i kinda want to walk.

        can you recommend places w/in walking distance...italian, seafood, american...medium priced..? i was just looking at THALIA, and that looked nice?

        1. re: niccole

          Do not go to Thalia - you will be utterly dissapointed. and Citrus is certainly not worth the trip.

          For italian, try Roberto Passon. If you're open to Greek, try Uncle Nicks. There are a bevy of other options along 9th avenue.

      2. You could try Marseille on 44th & 8th or 9th avenues (can't remember which) but very near the theater district for good, reasonably priced french food. The chicken bouillabaisse is excellent as is the shrimp spaghettini dish. I mention it cuz it's convenient and as someone who lives near Citrus & has eaten there I don't consider it a destination spot. Either way enjoy the city & the show...

        1. I second Marseille. I ate there recently for Restaurant Week and had a great meal. My smoked trout salad starter and duck confit main course were delicious.

          I've also been to Citrus, and found everything besides their sushi just so-so.

          1. I've been to Citrus and was not impressed. Food was ok but nothing special. You're paying $$$ for sub-par fare.