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Jul 25, 2006 11:04 PM

I need help with a reasonable Thai or Chinese Restaurant in Vancouver

We will be in Vancouver on a Saturday night, pre-cruise. Included in my group are 80 year old parents. I need a reasonable, not too "hip" Chinese. Vietnamese or Thai restaurant. My preference would be tor remain in the downtown or gastown area - but this is not critical.

Thanks for your help,


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  1. Victoria Chinese Restaurant
    (604) 669-8383
    260-1055 W. Georgia St

    1. Thai House or Tropika (Malaysian) both on the main shopping area of Robson St, located on the 2nd floor above the shops.
      I've also heard good things about Sala Thai on Burrard.
      For Chinese, I always like Kirin on Alberni and Bute.